Each time a Samsung launch event is happening, the media, influencers, and eager fans are getting the first dibs on what to expect. Where are the fans headed with these new products and features?

The Verge reported that Samsung has confirmed the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 and that the event will happen on August 5. Not only are the features unveiling, but the range of the Galaxy Note. 

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Biggest launch event

The company is saying that this August 5 launch will be the one of the largest reveal events, since Samsung is announcing several devices in a single event. It adds more to the pressure and the excitement, and because of this, leaks of the details of Note 20 have circulated online ahead of this event.

With this being said, Samsung is also geared to launch the newest Galaxy Z Fold 2, and the updated Galaxy Z Flip's 5G unit. 

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This makes a line-up of five newest smartphones, and there are certainly more coming in. The rumors are also sharing that the Galaxy Tab S7+ will be part of the launch, as well as the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch 3. 

The hardware details are in, but Samsung will also be making official announcements on the software systems particularly with the features of the Galaxy Note 20 range. There are changes, definitely, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

How will the event happen? Via livestream. While there are resources to bring this back to how it was previously done, caution over the pandemic and what it may bring are part of the picture. However, the company ensures that success levels will be consistent. 

There is a Galaxy event coming up this August
(Photo : Damo T / Unsplash)
What are the features that will be discussed?

Unveiled online

Not only these, the company will also be revealing a set of tablets in the August event. This includes the Galaxy Tab S7+ ang the S7. These are leaks as of the moment, and the confirmation happens during the launch date. 

The devices will have redesigned features, and compared with the previous Galaxy Tab S6 unit, there will be a back cover and attachable keyboard. 

According to these leaks, the features in the design of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 are flat, and very similar to the 2020 iPad Pro 11. The selfie camera is also crucial, because of the long side and top portion when taken from landscape, instead of the odd angles and shorter range for instance, when in video calls. 

The S Pen will be redesigned, but it seems that the insider leaks were not able to find out about the functionalities, except for these. The tablet will have the Snapdragon 865 chipset with 5G modem, and comes with 6 GB RAM. The screen will sport 11-inch AMOLED at 120Hz refresh rate, but official confirmation is yet to be unveiled. 

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