Oppo's new 65W AirVOOC wireless charger can fully power up your smartphone in just 30 minutes. Although the giant phone manufacturer just began offering its 40W "AirVOOC" wireless charging tech on its Reno Ace 2 three months ago, Oppo is already teasing the community with a more powerful and faster 65W wireless charger, Engadget reported. The upcoming 65W AirVOOC, which has 4,000mAh dual-cell battery, was claimed by Oppo to rival its wired counterpart called "SuperVOOC 2.0" since the new wireless charger lessened the charging time from previous 56 minutes to just 30 minutes.

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It was considered as the fastest wireless charger tech currently after beating the 40W wireless charging from Huawei and Xiaomi. However, the product has not been released yet to the public. The parallel dual-coil design, which mainly enables the ultra-fast 65W AirVOOC, provides a performance of 20V/2A and 20V/1.25A on both the charger and smartphone. Although the device must be placed vertically to fully take advantage of the 65W of power, placing your smartphone in a horizontal position will still give you a whooping 25W charging.

The report confirmed that the new wireless charger is also compatible with the Qi standard. To avoid any interference with the device's communication signal, the giant manufacturer is still developing ways to optimize the operating frequency of the coils.

65W AirVOOC's other features

The charger's built-in semiconductor cooling system keeps the temperature of your device under 40°C or 104°F to ensure a stable and safe charging process; it will be just like blowing air at your smartphone, which is a great feature offered by other fast wireless chargers. In addition to this, the charger can spread the heat from the semiconductor system using a fan located in the charger's base, which sucks air in from the charging plate's top. Hot air is also exhausted from the base's back by the management circuit located in the charger's base to maintain its cool temperature.

The wireless charger ensures your phone's safety using its foreign object detection system and the usual-five safety protection from the VOOC tech. The Verge reported that Oppo will release a 125W wireless charger, which is claimed to charge your smartphone in just 20 minutes fully. Like the 65W AirVOOC, this upcoming wireless charger also has a 4,000mAH battery that can charge your device 0% to 41% in just 5 minutes. Oppo said that a smartphone, which uses double-6C cells with a "breakthrough battery ratio," might be released together with the 125W wireless charger, but there is no confirmation provided yet. 

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