Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch Productions is the newest game that focuses on samurais and feudal Japan, wherein players control Jin and travel through the island of Tsushima to beat the Mongol invaders.

The Best Armors for Jin

As with any other action-adventure and RPG games, one way to beat the enemies and the game itself is to find and equip the best equipment.

In Ghost of Tsushima, you can find around a dozen armor sets that would go well with your weapon to fend off the Mongol invaders' attacks and ensure your character doesn't die in the process.

YouTuber Kakuchopurei has listed down the armors that are available in the game, illustrating their design.

As Newsweek noted, not every armor works for every player. Like every other game, Ghost of Tsushima is about customizing Jin to your preference, so you'll want to inspect every armor set and choose one that complements your combat style.

Before anything else, you start with the Broken Armor set, described as a "Samurai Armor that has been damaged beyond repair" and has no advantages, but you'll have to make do with it before you can find an armor set that you can use.

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What Armor Set Should You Use?

Nevertheless, the news outlet has given a few recommendations for the armor sets you can choose for the early and mid-game, late game, and post-game.

Here's what they have recommended (then again, you can follow their suggestion or choose which armor you believe best works for your version of Jin):

  • Early and mid-game: Update the Samurai Clan Armor as it can help balance out the damage you'll get as you try to understand the game's combat system.
  • Late game: The Ghost Armor is an excellent choice as it helps you stealthily take out enemies since it allows you to move smoothly around in the darkness. Just remember that it doesn't have enough defense buff, but it works great for offense.
  • Post-game: The Mongol Commander Armor is perhaps the best armor with its perks, including damage reduction and health increase. The only problem is it's a little hard to get.

How to Get the Armor Sets

With that, here are some of the armor sets you can find throughout your Ghost of Tsushima gameplay, starting from armors you can't miss and the ones you could easily miss (but shouldn't):

Traveler's Attire

This is Jin's next default armor set and something you can't miss as you play the game. It's described as "perfect for those with a long journey ahead."

  • Helps track Artifacts with the Guiding Wind and alert players if they are within 60 meters of the item as the controller vibrates.
  • It clears 10% more Fog of War on the map and can be upgraded up to 30%.

Ronin Attire

This armor set can be acquired after completing the "Blood on the Grass" story quest on Act I and can't be missed.

  • Reduces detection speed and can be upgraded from 10%.
  • Enemies will detect you slower after you leave pampas grass.
  • Melee damage is increased and can be upgraded from 15%.

Samurai Clan Armor

You can't miss this armor as it can be acquired after completing "The Tale of Lady Masako" story quest on Act I.

  • Grants at least 15% resolve when Jin takes damage.
  • Reduces damages taken by a moderate amount and can be upgraded.
  • Moderate health increase

Sakai Clan Armor

This armor was previously worn by Jin's father and can be acquired after you complete Act II's "Ghosts from the Past" mission.

  • Increases the Standoff Streak by one, with streak and chance increasing after upgrades. Winning in a standoff may terrify nearby enemies.
  • Moderate health increase
  • Moderate melee damage increase

Ghost Armor

The last armor you can't miss while playing Ghost of Tsushima is the Ghost Armor, which can be acquired after completing the "From the Darkness" story quest on Act II.

  • Up to 15% chance of terrifying nearby enemies after a kill
  • Reduces enemy detection speed by 20%
  • Reduces the number of kills required to enter Ghost Stance by at least one

Tadayori's Armor

First, on the list of armors, you can miss if you avoid optional Ghost of Tsushima quests is the Tadayori's Armor, which you can acquire after completing "The Legend of Tadayori" Mythic tale that becomes available after you get your bow.

  • Increases nocking and reload speed by 15% and can be upgraded
  • Headshots will restore 25% of the Concentration meter and can increase after upgrades.
  • Increases Concentration time by one second and can increase after upgrades.

Gosaku's Armor

Finish the optional Mythic tale known as "Unbreakable Gosaku."

  • Moderate to massive increase of stagger damage
  • Moderate to massive health increase
  • Killing a staggered enemy restores at least 10% of your health

Kensei Armor

This armor can be missed if you fail to complete the "Six Blades of Kojiro" Mythic tale.

  • Ghost weapons will deal at least 15% more damage.
  • Increase of at least 15% resolve gain
  • Decreases at least 25% damage of enemies with ghost weapons, and they will take at least 25% more damage.

Mongol Commander's Armor

This god-tier armor, as fans of Ghost of Tsushima would say, can be acquired by completing the side mission on Act III known as "Fit for Khan."

  • Major damage reduction
  • Major health increase
  • Massive decrease in detection speed

Ghost of Tsushima is now available for PS4.

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