Not many games have multiple endings, especially open-world adventures. But those that do include life-changing decisions that you need to make, providing you with options that branch to a particular conclusion.

Multiple Endings

One of these games with various endings is the newly released action, open-world RPG game from Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima.

As a brief description, Ghost of Tsushima is set in feudal Japan in the time of Samurais. Players would control a samurai named Jin, who joins a band of local samurai on the island of Tsushima to fend off Mongol invaders led by Khotun Khan.

According to Looper, the game only has two endings, which fans would dub as the "good" and the "bad" ending, but before you start overthinking of your choices, you ought to know that there's only one decision-making you need to do that will make a huge difference on the story.

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It All Comes Down to One Decision

NOTE: SPOILERS for Ghost of Tsushima ahead! 

Near the very end of the game, Jin will be reunited with his uncle, Lord Shimura, only to bear bad news: the shogun has declared Jin as an outlaw and is now demanding his head.

Besides that, it is up to Lord Shimura to honor the shogun's wishes, so it is up to him to kill Jin, only that the story's main character won't go down without a fight. Basically, Ghost of Tsushima's final boss will be Lord Shimura.

If you win, Jin will be presented with two options--and these options will tell what kind of ending you'll get.

After being defeated, Lord Shimura will request a warrior's death, so you'll end up choosing whether to spare his life and relinquish what remains of Jin's honor or to honor Lord Shimura's request and kill him as an honor-bound warrior.

Although fans would call the endings the good and the bad, there really is nothing good nor bad with the decisions you'll make since Jin will lose something either way.

Still, Ghost of Tsushima fans would most probably say that the "spare him" option leads to the "good" ending as despite losing his honor, at least Jin did what was right and spared the man he most likely looks up to as a father.

Nevertheless, the tough decision will be yours to make. Here are the ending scenes for both the "good" and the bad" ending, care of YouTuber xLetalis.

Jin as the Island's Ghost

Regardless of the choice you make, the Ghost of Tsushima will always end in one way: with Jin becoming the Ghost of the island and being hunted by the shogun of Japan and the Mongols alike, but also as the savior of Tsushima.

However, the good thing is that you can continue playing the game and exploring the open-world of Tsushima even after the main story has ended for as long as you like, as per ScreenRant.

Sucker Punch may bring some new downloadable content to expand the story of the Ghost of Tsushima in the future, but in the meantime, you can continue your journey throughout the island of Tsushima.

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