There have been several changes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, otherwise known as CSGO, including some map changes. 

New Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Map Changes

In a report by WIN, the developers of the massively multiplayer first-person shooter game have decided to remove two maps from CSGO's community matchmaking, specifically, the Jungle and Swamp, which were replaced by new maps Swamp and Mutiny.

Mutiny is set on a seaside town, surrounded by shipwrecks, which was beautifully designed by the community map creators, but if there's any problem, it could be the color palette, which, according to the report, is similar to the new Cache wherein some players have reported concerns on the visibility after the early testing.

Nevertheless, CSGO fans believe that Valve will be looking into it and fixing the visibility concerns in future updates.

Still, it's an excellent map for those who want to take things slow, calculate the other team's movement, and create a great strategy to take over the map.

But while Mutiny offers slow-paced gameplay, Swamp might be "CSGO's fastest map," as both sides could instantly take over the map in an instant, with players getting onsite quite fast.

With that, this new map is the best choice for players who want fast-paced action.

Sure enough, both maps have boost spots scattered across to give players an advantage over the other team.

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Another Trusted Mode Update

Despite map changes, the new update is as meaty as what the fans would have wanted, especially since it's been quite a while since the end of the game's Operation Shattered Web, so everyone is itching for a new event that could keep them entertained, but for now, CSGO players would have to make do with the two new maps.

Besides the removal and addition of maps in the community matchmaking, the devs have also resolved some issues and made some performance adjustments for the comfort of the players, with the full patch notes available on the game's official blog post.

Nevertheless, one of the bigger changes is that players can no longer turn off the game's Trusted Mode, which caused problems to players who were using some software.

To ease the problem, the devs added a new launch command.

More Cheaters?

According to the report, players who would turn off Trusted Mode would have their Trust Factor negatively affected, but it appears like this new update is causing more problems for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans around the world.

Dexerto noted that more players have been reporting hackers after the Trusted Mode update.

"Since the 'Trusted' launch update, I have been experiencing much more cheaters in high Elo than before," one user said. "People just overall have less badges and medals and newer accounts. This caused a lot of boosted players or players with bought accounts, and with them came the cheaters."

Valve's decision to launch Trusted Mode was to avoid these problems, but it's apparently making it worse.

Because of this new update, CSGO players are demanding a more effective way of keeping these hackers and cheaters off the game.

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