League of Legends released a new cinematic short, revealing the new hero, Yone. According to The Verge's latest report, Riot's stunning anime short showcased Yasuo's demonic samurai brother, allowing the viewers to understand the fraught, difficult relationship between the two brothers in less than a minute. 

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The short film showed the flashes of bloodshed where the brothers argue about their honor in Ionia, looking like a samurai movie scene. It is a part of League of Legends' new event called "Spirit Blossom, which showcases an anime aesthetic to the game's strategy through a new dating sim-like narrative experience, skins, and more. 

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Yone seems to be the showcase piece of the game since Riot already released "The Path", a brief anime clip exploring an important moment in League of Legends story background. One of the game's most popular characters is Yasuo, who is mostly used in a solo queue because of his great ability to carry a game. He is well known as a tortured soul because he was forced to kill Yone, according to his lore.

The report explained that the main goal of the new event is to expand Yasuo's backstory, as well as an anime content, which is regularly asked by the game's fans.

"It seemed like an awesome time to dive in and tell Yasuo's story, because he's one of our most popular - or infamous, depending on how you play him - champions," explained Mike Berry, LoL's associate art director.

"The timing felt right. We started there and then added the goal of launching Yone. There's no way to tell Yasuo's story and not tell Yone's, and vice versa," he added.

Yone's playstyle and abilities

Yone's playstyle is different from Yasuo based on his skills. Compared to Yasuo's fighter game-style, Yone can be considered an assassin, pick up kills from the backline, or sneak into enemies who are far away from their teams. Yone is a champion that uses both ability power (AP) and attack damage (AD) to kill an enemy champion. Here's how his abilities work according to PCGAMES' report.

PASSIVE (Way of The Hunter)
Yone has two swords, which give him more magic damage after two normal attacks.
Q (Mortal Steel)
This skill will thrust Yone forward, dealing a huge amount of physical damage. When an enemy is hit, he gains a stack of Gathering Storm. After he gets two stacks, he can dash forward, attacking enemies with a wave that makes them airborne.
W (Spirit Cleave)
Yone will cleave forward in a massive arc, dealing damage based on enemies' maximum health's portion. He gains a temporary shield of he successfully hits a target.
E (Soul Unbound)
Yone will detach his spirit, gaining has high movement speed after leaving his body. When the spirit form expires, he will return to his original body or location, allowing him to deal with a percentage of all the damage he dealt with while in spirit form.
R (Fate Sealed)
Yone will teleport behind the last enemy he hit, striking all the enemy champs in his path, as well as knocking them airborne towards him.

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