China censored League of Legends splash arts by editing their original artworks and some champion's skins. A Reddit post revealed that some skins and splash arts in the Wild Rift had been edited in China to lessen the seductive graphics of each skin. 

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According to Millenium's previous report, sensual aesthetic champions and characters' skins, are nothing new in the popular 5v5 strategic game. Some of the lady characters are wearing fewer clothes, display a sexy visual. If you're a fan of this awesome game, always check LoL's update on TechTimes. Also, check how Tyler1 experience how OP nerfed Aphelios is.

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It was explained that the game has been present in China. However, the government still decided to censor certain splash arts of Wild Rift. The edited images were first posted by a Twitter user under the name of "PixelButts."

"Also yes the Wild Rift splash art is censored," captioned the Twitter user.

"Many are tweaked slightly but a few have more significant changes such as janna and jinx is hard to see, but theres now bandages under their top," added PixelButts.

He said that although he is generally against censorship, sometimes there's nothing he can do with the edited champs.

China tweaked some of the League of Legends champions

It is common for some Asian countries to censor content that they find inappropriate. On the League of Legends Pacific Servers (PCS), Evelynn's original outfit was changed to lessen the character's skin exposure.

China's action is comparable to this since Chinese authorities censored some of the Wild Rift's champion splash art. Some of the changes are just minimal. For example, Jinx got a strip of fabric on her chest as censorship.

Other champs were just changed, including Zed, who had additional designs on his armor, and Ahri, who received more decorations for her outfit. However, some champs had major changes. Janna's costume received additional fabric to cover her tummy, as well as Miss Fortune. Shyvanna's design was changed, as well as her dragon.

Some users defended China's action, saying that "making people have less revealing clothes is not censorship." And there are also some saying that it is censorship since the changes were based on Chinese regulations.

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