A cat was detained after it was accused of smuggling and trafficking drugs. However, the feline was recently reported to have escaped that advanced-security level prison in Sri Lanka. According to the latest report of The Daily Beast, the local media reports in Aruna confirmed that a cat, which was arrested after suspected of smuggling drugs to inmates, has escaped at Sri Lankan's high-security Welikada Prison. 

The animal was detained last week of July after the police officials caught it with two SIM cards, two grams of heroin, and a memory chip hidden in a plastic bag tied to its collar on the prison grounds. According to the police, the cat was well trained by the drug traffickers, who were also a part of the same cartel that was caught using an eagle to smuggle drugs in a suburb of Colombo.

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The drug traffickers were also associated with the underworld crime boss, Angoda Lokka. However, the local media reported that Angoda died while hiding from the authorities in early July. 

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Police were able to arrest the man and woman, aged 30 and 19, who were caught illegally forging identity documents and cremating the body on Aug 2.

How the feline escaped the advanced-security prison?

It was also suggested that the police detained the cat in hopes of the feline to lead them to the smuggler's den, although there are no conditions yet for animal arrest under Sri Lankan Law.

The report explained that the drug-smuggling cat was able to escape the high-security prison by scampering out of its holding room, then sneaking through a fence when the prison guards came in to give it food. The police also raided Lokka's farm previously, discovering bullets, an air-rifle, and the eagle that was recently caught delivering drugs.

The local police authorities confirmed that an increasing number of people were trying to smuggle cellphones, chargers, and cellphones inside the prison, allegedly selling the goods within the prison system. Although the cat is not found yet, the authorities confirmed that they don't have the plan to look for the narco feline as of the moment. 

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