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Cats Know Their Names, But They Just Love To Ignore You

Researchers from Japan performed experiments to once and for all find out whether cats can discern their names from other human words. The study confirmed that some cats respond when they hear their owners call their names.

Animals April 12, 2019

Internet Sensation Cat Lil Bub Has Genome Sequenced

A crowd-funded new study sequenced the whole genome of one of the internet's most famous cats, Lil Bub. Researchers found that the furry celebrity owes its unique traits to two surprising mutations.

Animals February 27, 2019

Plague-Infected Cat In Wyoming Is The Third In Past Six Months

Health authorities announced that a cat in Wyoming is confirmed to have the plague. The cat is the third case of the illness in Wyoming in the past six months.

Public Health January 14, 2019

Scientists Figure Out How Scratchy Tongues Keep Cats Clean

Scientists found that cats have the world's best detanglers. In a new study, scientists from Georgia Tech looked at the spines on tongues of cats to answer why they are so effective at cleaning dirt or flea from fur.

Animals November 23, 2018

Welcome To 'HK,' An Adventure Dystopian Game Starring A Cat

A small team of indie video game developers recently started posting progress on a blog about a new title it's working on: a dystopian adventure where the player takes on the role of a cat.

Video Games May 9, 2016

Kitten Found In Paper Bag On Its Way To Recovery

Miracle, a tiny kitten who was found covered in feces and with two other dead cats in a paper bag, is now recovering. The animal is being cared for by the Wisconsin Humane Society and could be ready for adoption by the time it turns 8 weeks old.

Life September 28, 2015

YouTube Flags Cat Purring Video For Copyright Infringement (Yes, Seriously)

A seemingly innocuous video of a cat purring, likely one of millions on YouTube, catches attention for copyright infringement. Yes, a cat was deemed guilty of purring 12 seconds of someone else's tune.

Internet February 13, 2015

Hero Stray Cat 'Masha' Saves Abandoned Baby in Freezing Weather

Masha, a stray cat in Russia, saved the life of a 3 month old boy who was abandoned in the snow.

Internet Culture January 16, 2015

Green Cat Spotted in Bulgaria! Alien? Incredible Hulk Cat? Ah, Forget #Dyedpits

People at the seaside town of Varna in Bulgaria have been doing double takes at a peculiar green cat wandering the streets.

Internet Culture December 5, 2014

How to turn your cat into a Wi-Fi hacking accomplice

A Las Vegas man creates a Wi-Fi tracking collar that, with the help of a cat named Coco, finds neighborhood Wi-Fi signals that use bad encryption or are vulnerable to easy hacking.

Internet Culture September 3, 2014

Monster cat holds family hostage; will be undergoing therapy

Lux, the 22-pound cat that's stolen the hearts and imaginations of the Internet since Monday, will be seeing a pet psychologist to ensure no more attacks occur.

Society March 11, 2014

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