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Welcome To 'HK,' An Adventure Dystopian Game Starring A Cat

A small team of indie video game developers recently started posting progress on a blog about a new title it's working on: a dystopian adventure where the player takes on the role of a cat.

Video Games May 9, 2016

Kitten Found In Paper Bag On Its Way To Recovery

Miracle, a tiny kitten who was found covered in feces and with two other dead cats in a paper bag, is now recovering. The animal is being cared for by the Wisconsin Humane Society and could be ready for adoption by the time it turns 8 weeks old.

Life September 28, 2015

YouTube Flags Cat Purring Video For Copyright Infringement (Yes, Seriously)

A seemingly innocuous video of a cat purring, likely one of millions on YouTube, catches attention for copyright infringement. Yes, a cat was deemed guilty of purring 12 seconds of someone else's tune.

Internet February 13, 2015

Hero Stray Cat 'Masha' Saves Abandoned Baby in Freezing Weather

Masha, a stray cat in Russia, saved the life of a 3 month old boy who was abandoned in the snow.

Internet Culture January 16, 2015

Green Cat Spotted in Bulgaria! Alien? Incredible Hulk Cat? Ah, Forget #Dyedpits

People at the seaside town of Varna in Bulgaria have been doing double takes at a peculiar green cat wandering the streets.

Internet Culture December 5, 2014

How to turn your cat into a Wi-Fi hacking accomplice

A Las Vegas man creates a Wi-Fi tracking collar that, with the help of a cat named Coco, finds neighborhood Wi-Fi signals that use bad encryption or are vulnerable to easy hacking.

Internet Culture September 3, 2014

Monster cat holds family hostage; will be undergoing therapy

Lux, the 22-pound cat that's stolen the hearts and imaginations of the Internet since Monday, will be seeing a pet psychologist to ensure no more attacks occur.

Society March 11, 2014

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