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Former Florida Police Officer Gets 8 Years In Prison For Not Telling Ex He Had HIV

A former Greenacres police officer was sentenced to eight years in prison. The 41-year-old is serving time in prison for not disclosing to his former sexual partner that he contracted HIV.

June 16, 2018

Former Volkswagen Manager Gets Maximum Prison Sentence And Fine For 'Dieselgate' Emissions Fraud

Former Volkswagen executive Oliver Schmidt got seven years in prison and a $400,000 fine for his role in the 'Dieselgate' emissions fraud. The executive had made a plea deal back in August and this was the maximum sentence under plea.

Business Tech December 7, 2017

US Soldier Chelsea Manning Released After Serving 7 Out Of 35 Years In Prison For Feeding Info To WikiLeaks

Chelsea Manning, the U.S. Army intelligence analyst who leaked confidential files to WikiLeaks to expose war crimes and more, just walked free from military prison. Manning served seven out of her 35-year sentence.

Business Tech May 17, 2017

Ohio Inmates Were Able To Build Computers While In Prison To Commit More Crimes

Two inmates at a medium-security prison in Ohio were able to secretly assemble two fully functioning computers and hid them in the facility's ceiling. With their scraped together technology, they committed more crimes, including identity theft and hacking attacks.

Computers April 12, 2017

Pregnant Inmate Gives Birth On Prison Cell Floor Of County Jail

Jessica Preston gave birth on the prison cell floor of the Macomb County Jail despite that the hospital is just about three minutes away. Her baby was born one month early and weighed less than 5 pounds.

Public Health February 12, 2017

Sanford 'Spam King' Wallace Gets 2.5 Years Of Jail Time For Spamming Facebook Users

Sanford Wallace, the famous “spam king” of internet, will face jail time and a hefty fine for his malicious actions. The scammer was sentenced to jail after he sent out a whopping 27 million spam messages to Facebook users.

Security June 16, 2016

Thousands Of Prisoners In Washington State Have Been Released Over A Computer Glitch Since 2002

Roughly 3,200 (now former) inmates have been freed since 2002, due to a system error that inaccurately inputted prison release dates, sometimes by 100 days off.

Computers December 23, 2015

Federal Bureau Of Prisons Seeks Protection From Drones

The Federal Bureau Of Prisons is seeking to purchase an anti-drone system to prevent the unmanned aerial vehicles from smuggling contraband items into prisons. What kind of system the bureau will purchase remains to be seen.

FUTURE TECH November 6, 2015

Drones Pose 'Emerging Threat' As People Try To Smuggle Contraband Weapons, Drugs Into Prisons

Law enforcers are facing new technological challenges as drone deliveries feed the vices of convicts. Both the United Kingdom and United States are taking countermeasures.

September 19, 2015

California Death Row Inmate Dies From Natural Causes After 26 Years In Jail

Death row inmates in California have been waiting for many years before execution due to the various issues in the state. The fourth man under the said sentence, who have died due to natural causes, have recently been reported by authorities.

Life September 3, 2015

Two Men Arrested After Trying To Fly Drugs And Porn Into Prison Using A Drone

Two men in Maryland were arrested after attempting to use a drone to fly drugs, tobacco and pornography into a prison. The men were caught on the highway near the facility and were also found to be illegally carrying a firearm.

Legal August 24, 2015

A Drone Delivered Drugs To An Ohio Prison And Sparked A Fight

A drone was recently used to deliver drugs to a prison, prompting a fight among inmates.

FUTURE TECH August 5, 2015

From Court To Hospital: Suge Knight Tells Judge He Is Going Blind

Former rap mogul, Suge Knight, claims he has gone blind and lost 30 pounds since he has been in custody. He faces charges of murder, attempted murder, and theft in cases being heard in LA.

Movies/TV Shows March 3, 2015

Cleveland Court Overturns Ricky Jackson's Murder Conviction After 39 Years: Witness Said He Lied

After nearly four decades in jail, Ricky Jackson is exonerated from the crime he was convicted of and will be released soon. Edward Vernon, who was 12 years old when he testified against Jackson and his two friends, said that he lied.

Society November 21, 2014

Mass Murderer Charles Manson and Young Supporter Obtain Marriage License

Charles Manson, a convicted 80-year-old mass murderer, received a license to marry 26-year-old Afton Elaine Burton. Burton believes that Manson is innocent from his alleged crimes.

Society November 19, 2014

Expensive Sovaldi drug for hepatitis C still most cost-effective choice for U.S. prisons: Study

Hepatitis C will cost thousands a week to treat, but costs will still be lower than what it would take to cover complications arising from the infection later on.

Life October 22, 2014

California female prison inmates sterilization violated law, shocking state audit reveals

Female prison inmates in California get sterilized without their lawful consent. Although some may be unaware of the sterilization protocols, former inmates claim coercion from prison medical staff takes place.

Life June 22, 2014

Overcrowded facilities witness exodus of California's prison lifers

Californian inmates sentenced to life in prison have been receiving parole at a higher rate than ever before, with Governor Jerry Brown agreeing with the state's parole board on 82% of cases. 1,400 'lifers' have now been released.

Society February 26, 2014

Ex-Mass. chemist sentenced to prison for tampering with drug test results

A former Massachusetts chemist has been sentenced to prison for manipulating drug test results.

Society November 26, 2013

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