Business VPN: Does Your Company Really Need It?
(Photo : Business VPN: Does Your Company Really Need It?)

A couple of years back, we saw an explosion in the numbers of virtual private network service providers. According to statistics, 26% of internet users today use a VPN. These services have become really popular because internet security is a major concern. At the same time, the industry is developing and bringing new specialized solutions for different users. More specifically, we are witnessing the expansion of business virtual private networks. The primary goals of business VPNs are to prevent unauthorized access and protect the information sent and received by employees. 

What are Virtual Private Networks? 

Business VPNs are tools that give devices with internet connection privacy, anonymity, and encryption. As a result, employees access the internet safely, without having to worry about hackers intercepting their connections. Furthermore, VPNs are great for implementing strict access control. Some websites or databases might contain extremely confidential data. If a corporation fails to secure such goldmines, hackers are very likely to penetrate and get access. VPNs allow you to prevent unauthorized access and grant it only to those that fit the specific criteria. 

The encrypted company data will be secure from abusive advertisers, competitors, different government institutions, hackers, and unsecured Wi-Fi connections. Still, there are a lot of myths around business VPNs, both positive and negative. That's why we've decided to shed some light on the reasons why a business should and shouldn't get a VPN. 

Antivirus program is not enough 

Devices that have antivirus protection and firewalls aren't completely secured from intrusion and hacks. Surprised? You should not be. In fact, most antivirus programs are not as efficient as pro-claimed by their owners. It is said that such security barriers detect approximately 25% of active threats. They are primarily focused on some of the most known Trojans, malware, and viruses. 

At the same time, whenever a new virus appears, they need time to update their algorithms and implement protection against them. Until then, businesses are sitting ducks. While you might use the industry-standard antivirus tool, your data might still be stolen. For instance, employees working remotely might be connecting to Wi-Fi spots at various coffee shops. In such an unsecured environment, connected users might suffer drastic data or financial losses.

Freedom of Data Sharing 

One of the key points for getting a VPN is secure data sharing. It allows exchanges between colleagues, partners, and stakeholders. When choosing a VPN service, you need to find a professional business VPN provider that encrypts your whole connection. As a result, only people with the encryption key can decrypt and perform actions with the data. For this reason alone, business VPNs are very valuable to companies. They reduce liability and ensure that your data won't end up in someone else's hands. 

Accessing Data Remotely 

Many companies still store and move data physically, which isn't practical and causes a lot of clutter and liability in business operations. That's why companies are turning to cloud storage. However, cloud storage needs to be secured in every way possible to prevent unauthorized access. 

Most importantly, you need to have a secure connection when accessing the cloud. Business VPN services let companies connect remotely to secure servers that host all of the information in their storage. With a VPN, your data is remotely hosted and secured from any third-party. Accessibility is available to all companies, but they need to ensure security for it. That's where VPNs can be very useful. 

Preventing Censorship 

If you have multinational businesses with offices all over the globe, chances are you have to travel to different countries. Not only this, but when working abroad, you need to implement the same level of security and privacy. Besides covering the latter priorities, VPNs can do more for your businesses. They can be the tools used to complete industry research or find the latest information from your targeted region.  

VPN providers have hundreds of servers located around the world. When connecting to the internet, you can choose the server that suits you best, ensuring better connection speed and helping you bypass censorship. For example, if you are abroad and need to make it look like you're connecting from your office, you can do it. On the other hand, if you need to access a foreign internet service that's blocked in your country, a server abroad will allow you to do this. 

Bottom Line 

So, a business VPN can help your company become more flexible, goal-oriented, and productive. Instead of having to deal with geo-blocks, you can freely collect data about your targeted audience or industry tendencies. However, besides using a VPN during work hours, do not disregard its necessity outside your job. A Atlas VPN for Windows can become your partner whenever you need to access geo-restricted content. In addition to that, such a personal VPN is more than capable of encrypting and protecting data from misuse. Hence, do not hesitate to protect all spheres of your life. 

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