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CAPCOM, Co., Ltd., is hosting a Street Fighter V costume fan design voting on Twitter until August 30, 2020, with winners having the chance to immortalize their work in the game's Winter 2020 line-up!

Japanese game developer, Capcom, gave several fans a chance to create costume design art that the company now holds a voting poll in the social media, Twitter. The company celebrates its 25 years as a lead in the gaming industry with their most famous release, the Street Fighter Franchise.

Capcom now holds voting procedures through liking the fan art on Twitter and closing the poll on August 31, 2020. The company will choose two of the highest liked designs contained in the tweets and proceed to integrate it into the game's Winter 2020 update.

Siliconera notes that Street Fighter V's Summer update brought along a new character announcement that will be available in Season Pass V. Dan Hibiki, a Street Fighter introduced in Street Fighter Alpha (1996) to join the roster come Winter 2020's update. He will be joined by characters Rose, Oro, and Akira Kazama come winter.

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CAPCOM's Street Fighter V Costume Fan Design Twitter Poll

Capcom already narrowed the costume fan designs to 12 options and posted them all on Street Fighter's Twitter account (@StreetFighter). Popular Street Fighter OG (original) characters are found below, along with "new bloods" with Juri and Menat.

Take a look at all the designs and vote accordingly, if you wish to participate in the poll.


Street Fighter Winter 2020 Update and more
(Photo : Twitter: Street Fighter (@StreetFighter))

Dan Hibiki, a Saikyo-style karate practitioner, will don the Street Fighter roster come Winter 2020, as announced by the Summer Update announcement that premiered on social media live streams on August 5, 2020.

While Dan's arrival is the talk of the town, other Street Fighter characters Rose and Oro are also joining to fight in the arena. Rose is a recurring fighter in the franchise, primarily a fortune teller from Genoa that entered Street Fighter to defeat the villainous Bison. She will have five costumes together with her on her SFV debut scheduled in the Spring of 2021.

Oro is another Street Fighter character that is also introduced before in the series having links to Dhalsim and uses the Mystic Arts as his fighting style. The hermit will debut with three additional costumes coming in Summer 2021.

Another recruit will join Street Fighter V together with Oro. Akira Kazama is a character from Rival Schools, a Japanese video game franchise first released in 1997. This will be the character's debut in the Capcom franchise dropping in Summer 2021 with five bonus costumes.

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