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Google's music streaming platform, Play Music, bids farewell this August, transitioning to the company's very own YouTube Music. However, people who have active subscriptions in Play Music will receive alternative compensation to either YouTube Premium or Google Play Store credits.

YouTube's Official Blog stated this early in August, as Google invites people to transition from Play Music to the video streaming platform's music counterpart. Google Play Music will be completely shut down by December 2020 and replaced by YouTube Music.

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Google gives users a chance to transition to the new music streaming app and transfer all their data like playlists, subscriptions, and purchased songs that are readily available on YouTube Music. The technology company notes that by September 2020, New Zealand and South Africa can no longer stream in Play Music, and the rest of the world are given up until October this year.

Users can no longer download or purchase songs from Play Music towards the end of August and are encouraged by Google to transition to YouTube Music. Google provides two options that will help users in transferring data from Play Music to YouTube Music.

Google advises users to be worry-free because they do not require users to transition to YouTube Music. The multinational technology company says that they will automatically cancel subscriptions and billing by September in New Zealand and South Africa, and October in the rest of the world. 

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Google Tools in Play Music to YouTube Music Transition
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Google, however, urges their previous subscribers to transition into YouTube Music, so they will have a "hassle-free" experience that still captures the very essence of the former Google Play Music. Google assures that the switch would not leave users to lose some of their data or lack some aspects.

Google recommends the use of YT Music's simple transfer tool or Google's Takeout for this transition. This will ensure that all data from Play Music gets to YouTube's new music platform.

How to get your Google Play Store Credits
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On the other hand, Google will give users another option of receiving Play Store credits from prepaid and gifted subscriptions that can no longer be used in Play Music. Google's previous set-up of gifting a subscription to friends, family members, or those who were given one is discontinued during the start of August because of the transition.

Life Hacker notes that this money would not waste because Google reportedly turns them into Play Store credits that can be used as early as now. Several users also testify that they are compensated way more than their supposed gift subscriptions.

How to Get Your Play Store Credits:

  • Google will notify you through an e-mail that your Play Music credits are transitioned into Play Store
  • Despite not receiving the e-mail, you can head on directly to Google Play on your desktop or the Play Store app.
  • Select the "Payment Method" tab from the side menu, and it will display your gift card balance. 

The Play Store credits can be used for purchasing paid apps and games, in-game or in-app purchases, movies, and books that are readily available on Google's store. The Play Store credits do not expire even though December 2020 passes by.

Users are probably paying for YouTube Music already with their Play Music subscription as part of the company's transition. To check and verify this, head on to Google Play's "My Subscription" tab and see for yourself.

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