Electric vehicle manufacturer and clean energy company, Tesla, is updating the Model 3's front trunk or 'frunk' to be smaller than the previous designs. The midsized sedan is amongst Tesla's most famous models for its variety of features that make it an excellent all-rounder car.

Tesla Model 3 is getting an update focused on the car's interior and design that will tweak the current front trunk or 'frunk' that will be smaller. This is the first update for the Model 3's hardware and dimensions throughout its release almost three years ago.

  Electrek reports that this new update will be advantageous or useful for Tesla users despite its shrink in size. Tesla did not announce an update or change in the Model 3's design prior to this happening and engagement. The previous update to the car's trunk is only the removal of the then 'grocery hooks' that secures bags and other objects attached in the trunk, according to Drive Tesla Canada.

Frunk's Upgrade or Downgrade?

The old frunk of the Model 3 has not seen significant changes since its release in 2018 apart from the grocery hooks used to don the frunk. Tesla's frunk also offers a cooling system for drinks and even fresh produce. This left several users to be upset and miss the old addition. Despite the orders that took place during its most recent and noticeable differences, Tesla did not announce the change in size.

Dimensions of the Frunk

Old Frunk

  • Length: 1'6 and 1/2"
  • Width: 2'10 and 1/2"
  • Depth: 10"

New Frunk

  • Length: 1'2"
  • Width: 2'8" or 2'5" with the plastic barrier that sticks out
  • Depth: 10"

The changes may be quite unnoticeable at first, and the dimensions stated above changed only a few inches from the old frunk's size, but owners question this change by Tesla. A handful of new Model 3 purchases saw the vehicle's front trunk difference and were mystified why it was not mentioned or made known by the electric car company.

User's Testimonies

A Tesla Model 3's recent buyer reportedly sent a photo of the new and updated front trunk that questions its highly noticeable change in size. Electrek's report showed a concerned owner by the name of Tyler Nelson. Nelson recently purchased a Tesla Model 3 and saw noticeable changes to his frunk compared to the old model's front trunk. Several talks also sparked on Twitter with the frunk's change starting a craze of rumors and possibilities to the Model 3's features.

Frunk Shrink is a possible upgrade?

The Model Y released last March saw the introduction of a heat pump that can improve the vehicle's overall performance in colder and harsher climates. Tesla's Model Y is built on the same platform as the Model 3.

Speculations rise with this recent change that sees the midsized Model 3 with a heat pump, explaining that it took the space that shrunk the frunk. The Model Y saw its front trunk having reduced in size due to this new addition found by automotive mechanics that stripped the car's trunk while looking "under the hood."

However, it is reported that the Model 3 did not have any heat pump seen in the frunk. Still, it is speculated that it may be a precursor that awaits the new technology to be fitted in the electric vehicle.

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