Pokemon fans always loved Ash's Pikachu because of their bond as a trainer and Pokemon, especially how his best buddy wants to remain as Pikachu. However, you might want to say you farewell to the cute little guy since it is currently rumored to evolve as Raichu finally. 

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The upcoming episode's summary was leaked, sparking panic amongst Pokemon fans since the show's start might soon evolve into another Pokemon. A Twitter account under the name @AnipokeFandom shared the summary of Pokemon Journeys' 35th episode. 

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"There's a Pikachu Outbreak-chu!! [Ash's] Pikachu finally evolves into a Raichu?" said the Twitter user.

The post also explained that an object called Thunderstone is needed for the specific evolution of Pikachu. Most of the cartoon's fans know that Ash is happier for his yellow buddy to stay precisely in his current form.

Since Ash has walked the entire journey with a Pikachu and the show made the yellow guy its official mascot, it would be weird if the next episodes will show Ash walking with a Raichu. If the rumors circulating the internet are correct, fans would be really disappointed if Pikachu evolves into another creature.

Mega Evolution feature for Pokemon GO?

Niantic will bring more powerful evolved forms of certain Pokemon to Pokemon GO by releasing a new Mega Evolution feature. It was first introduced to the mainline Pokemon series in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and Pokemon X and Y.

However, although the recent games such as Pokemon Sword and Shield have a similar feature called Dynamax, Mega Evolution doesn't appear this game version.

Trainers will need to earn "Mega Energy," the new source that handles Mega Evolution, by fighting Mega-Evolved Pokemon in raids. The new energy source can transform different kinds of Pokemon, such as Blastoise, Beedrill, Venusaur, and Charizard.

The new feature will have significant implications for high-level play since it will make the creatures stronger in their new forms.

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