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PUBG Corporation and Tencent's widely popular battle royale game on phones, Player's Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG), is getting back on the scene as Apple promotes the app following Epic Games' developer account being removed.

PUBG is the first-of-its kind battle royale game that features an iconic gameplay making it the go-to and favorite of most gamers in shooting or war title categories. PUBG's release in 2016 nearly defeated the giant and most known name in shooter games, Call of Duty.

Ever since then, PUBG has spawned several battle royale-style gameplays published and developed by other video game companies with the likes of Epic Games' Fortnite and even Activision's Call of Duty in Black Ops 4. PUBG and Fortnite were the first of its kind to have a rivalry over players and patrons that prefer pitting 100 users in a single match that hails only one victor.

PUBG Corporation partnered up with Tencent to reach an even wider platform and users who prefer portable gadget gaming with the release of Player's Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile on February 2018. The success of all these battle royale titles started several professional gaming leagues, most notably, PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC).

With PUBG Mobile's success in dominating the global smartphone gaming markets, massive amounts of people aim to reach a different level in playing the game.

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Be a PRO! How to Remain Undetected While Enjoying a Killing Spree

These simple tips below will help you achieve and obtain "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner" status which is the highest praise PUBG gives to its players!

Utilize your Environment
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Different maps offer different types of environment that you can utilize and suit for your very own preference. Erangel is a huge map that offers a mix of both suburban and forest setting, perfect with hiding using the color green. Here, you can also utilize the rocks, trees, and bushes that are scattered as shields and camouflage to protect yourself from enemies.

Familiarize yourself with 'Throwables'
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There are four types of throwables in game that is scattered all-around the map: Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Stun Grenade (a.k.a. Flashbang), and Molotov Cocktail. Frag Grenades explode within 7 seconds when engaged and offers an AOE (Area of Effect) type of damage. Same with Molotov, however, this ignites fire and explodes upon impact on the ground.

Non-damage throwables include Smoke Grenade that releases a cloud of white smoke after 7 seconds of its pin being pullled and is ideal to hide into, use as a shroud to walk-in, hide, or loot, or its most popular use of cover for healing teammates. Stun Grenade on the other hand, can impair your enemies of sight and hearing after 6 seconds of its engagement.

Use these throwables also for unconventional uses such as creating an illusion where you throw frags or smokes into random locations for enemies to be alerted. This tactic can lure and trick them to reveal their location for you to take the shot.

Use your Prone, Crouch, and Jump functions: Always be on the MOVE
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There are two other stances aside from standing: Crouching and Proning. This pair is also critical in winning the game as it helps in hiding your location and stability when firing your weapon. You may move with these two to minimize your chances of detection, however, be mindful of the blue zone as it might catch up.

Another fail safe function is the use of jump whenever enemies spot and shoot at you. Jumping and being on the move gives them a hard time to aim at you.

Expand your Map Detection and Knowledge
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Another key factor in staying hidden, surviving, and outsmarting your enemies is to pay attention to the map. Always check the center of the play zone and know your location. Study the map to choose places where you can get the advantage and pulverize your enemies.

Also know different map jargons such as the "Blue Zone of Death" meaning the zone where your health diminishes over time and the Red Zone, which is a random area for the game to bomb. PUBG Mobile's maps also show orange noise icons with the likes of Bullet Noise, Footsteps, and Vehicle Noise. This reveals the area where the noise is coming from and its proximity from you with the darkest shade of orange being the nearest.

With these tips and tactics, you can now practice your plan to stay hidden and remain undetected. The key to surviving does not only require berserk fighting abilities but also your skill in staying incognito. The element of surprise is powerful especially to enemies who are not paying that much attention or are easily scared.

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