Elon Musk commented on a Tweet by Teslarati about an article of a certain Peter Rawlinson claiming that he had designed the Tesla Model S. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO was quick to defend saying that the Prototype was within their possession even before Rawlinson joined and that he also left them when things started to get tough which Elon Musk commented was "not cool".

Elon Musk, however, admitted that Rawlins did have a contribution towards the Model S' body/chassis engineering, but certainly not to the battery, powertrain, electronics, or even software.


What did the article say?

The article started out with an update saying that Lucid, headed by the former Tesla executive known as Peter Rawlinson, clarifying that they will be releasing another model of their known Air to be priced of just under $80,000.

Lucid previously revealed its Air configuration prices ahead of the anticipated September 9 unveiling event. The Air will be the very first Sedan from Lucid along with other variants like The Dream Edition which will cost a total of $161,500.

Lucid plans to compete with Tesla

Lucid was very vocal about wanting to compete with Tesla in the bigger picture of electric vehicle development and the article says that CEO/CTO Peter Rawlinson definitely knows quite significant information about the company he is gunning for. The article also stated that he was the one who designed the 2009 Model S after being brought on by Tesla's CEO Elon Musk.

Rawlinson shared in an interview with Bloomberg that what happened was that he sat down with Musk himself after his very first week on the job, stating that the Tesla flagship sedans needed to receive a complete makeover in order for them to be successful. The article also states that "Rawlinson was right" and that the Model S is what launched Tesla way into the stratosphere.

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Peter Rawlinson

Despite the huge claims and transparent intentions, Rawlinson is still very aware that this can only happen when the company actually starts producing the electric vehicles for the general public to both buy and drive. Lucid has still not proven anything as of the moment.

Rawlinson said himself that "words are cheap" and that the company is still nothing until they will finally get anything into production. The Lucid unveiling event is said to happen live via public Livestream at 4P PM September 9 PST.

The truth behind the Model S

As of the moment, it's Elon Musk's word against Peter Rawlinson's and it is still very hard to tell which one could be lacking in details and not saying everything. Peter Rawlinson has not yet given a reply as to what Elon Musk clarified in his recent tweet regarding him not being the one to design the Model S saying those claims are False.

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