Tesla is currently facing different claims of their cars suddenly accelerating by themselves after experiencing several accidents within China, especially in a recent incident that tragically resulted in two deaths as well as a number of people injured.

Sometime earlier this year, it was reported by Electrek that the known National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or otherwise known as the NHTSA stated that they are currently looking into the claims that the known Tesla vehicles indeed have a certain defect that recently led to what they called "sudden unintended acceleration" this is after they received a petition that cited 127 different claimed incidents.


The different complains regarding the alleged electric vehicle malfunction

Several claims of the known unintended acceleration that involves Tesla vehicles have started to surface over the last few years. The most popular complaint came from a certain South Korean celebrity who claimed that his own Model X suddenly accelerated into his very own garage.

However, in every single case, which includes the latest one, Tesla repeatedly claimed that the car's own log actually showed that it was not the mistake of the car but rather the user's mistake due to the whole pedal misapplication. This means that the driver actually pressed on the accelerator themselves instead of the brakes.

In a particular case, Electrek was able to verify the Tesla logs through the use of a third party. The results supported the fact that the automaker's claims regarding the driver pressing on the accelerator were in fact true.

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Tesla stands its ground saying nothing is wrong with their cars

Following the current NHTSA investigation, Tesla has officially issued a statement where the company claims that there are definitely no defects found within the vehicles themselves that actually result in the unintended acceleration and that the whole petition with NHTSA was actually started by a particular TSLA short-seller trying to make money off of stocks.

Currently, Tesla is also facing a quite similar problem in China after its popular Model 3 suddenly ran into a whole crowd in Nanchong sometime last week resulting in the deaths of two different people leaving six people badly injured.

The aftermath has been captured on video and circulates social media. Tesla claims that it is reportedly working with the known authorities in order to determine the actual cause of the whole accident.

Ever since the accident surfaced, there were several different reports that surfaced regarding the unintended acceleration involving different Tesla vehicles that have emerged within China.

Tesla still has to produce the final results of the whole investigation for the recent Nanchong fatal accident, but it actually did release findings for one of the many other claims from June saying that it actually had evidence that it was definitely a user error.

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