Asian games publisher, Rayark, Inc., and developer, Archpray, debuts the favorite Science Fiction platform game, MO:Astray, for the handheld platform, Nintendo Switch, after the title's wide success in computers and Steam. New updates, modes, and gameplay will also be available for Windows PC users that come with the Switch debut.

Rayark and Archpray release MO:Astray for the Nintendo Switch today, to make the game available for the console, giving a new and exciting platformer that revolves around the bizarre subterranean alien world. Learn more and play the game as MO, an amorphous being that shape-shifts uncontrollably, to discover the secrets behind his way of life. 

"MO:Astray draws inspiration from a long line of console platformers and feels right at home on Nintendo Switch," said Ching-Yi Hou, producer, Archpray. "We're excited to share our game with a new audience today and are happy to invite our die-hard fans back to get swept up in MO's mysterious world all over again to speedrun and conquer the new challenge mode."

MO:Astray is now available for the Nintendo Switch eShop for $14.99. No need to leave the comforts of home and stay protected while availing this insane new title from Rayark and Archpray, supporting English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Korean languages.

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MO:Astray-Go and 'blob' your way around the game

Play as the beloved blob, MO, and go astray to discover its existence set in a perilous alien world. Set-off in an adventure that scales off cliff sides, launching across chasms, and evading hazards that are presented to MO, on its quest to discover its existence.

Do not be fooled by MO's cute appearance in this pixelated action-adventure platformer as it possesses a wide variety of abilities that will fuel the adrenaline within. Battle parasitic creatures, aliens, enemies, and the hazardous environment that MO will traverse on its journey. Not only will the game take users on an adventure, but it will also trigger their problem-solving skills to solve tricky situations present in the gameplay.

Possibilities are endless for the beloved blob, as users will possess MO's abilities far beyond the imagination. Double jump, dash, float, and latch yourself in never-ending obstacles and hordes that threaten MO's adventure.

While presenting a retro-style feel and gameplay, MO:Astray presents a unique and revolutionary feel that goes beyond the simplicity of platform games.

Steam and Windows' MO: Exciting New Modes

Rayark and Archpray do not stop with MO:Astray's launch on the Nintendo Switch platform because Steam and Windows receive exciting new modes that change the title's landscape. Go beyond the game's adventure-slash-story mode and head on to the adrenaline-pumping Speed mode and insane Disaster mode.

MO offers a fast-paced adventure on the Speed mode that races against the clock and reaches the goal in-time. Set-off to familiar places with new twists and secret passages to optimize your gameplay and rapidly finish the course.

On the other hand, if adventure mode is not enough to keep users at the edge of their seats, Disaster mode offers a deadlier and riskier environment with hazards and obstacles. Disaster mode aims to give players challenging gameplay that will make players suffer, even skilled platformers.

MO:Astray's Rayark and Archpray

Rayark is a known publisher based originally in Taipei, best known for its Cytus series, VOEZ, and DEEMO, available on the PlayStation 4. Rayark, Inc., is dedicated to bringing players high-quality gaming experiences.

Archpray was established in 2017, known for developing its group project, MO:Astray, that debuted the company.

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