If you are currently trying to rescue the baby, or Sapling Groot rather, from the Holly Hedges Nursery in the beloved Fortnite, have no fear! Here's where they're actually hiding it!

I AM GROOT! Once you are able to unlock Groot in the current battle pass, you'll be given a challenge with the main objective that could turn Fortnite upside down! The mission is to locate the cute Fortnite Sapling Groot and finally rescue the little plant buddy.

This is the very first of the whole three different Groot Fortnite Awakening challenges that you will, in turn, have to complete in order for you to be able to get the full version of the character.

Unlike a few of the other challenges that you've been presented with, this particular one is actually really much more specific as it, in turn, narrows down the whole Fortnite Sapling Groot location to the known Holly Hedge Nursery. 

With this being said, it might be hard for you to recognize this place's name right away in Fortnite, and even once you are able to get to the location, you will still have a decent area to slowly search in order for you to find your target.

How to rescue baby Groot on Fortnite

In order to make things move much easier, this instruction guide details what it is you should actually be doing to be able to swiftly complete the challenge.

As noted, you'll be able to find the Fortnite Sapling Groot when you head over to the Holly Hedges Nursery which is actually located in the known Holly Hedges that is a location found in the west side of the whole Island.

Although you might not have actually known this, the Garden Center business was actually called the Holly Hedges Nursery.

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The search begins

To begin your search for Fortnite Sapling Groot, you need to head to the Holly Hedges Nursery which, unsurprisingly, is in the Holly Hedges named location to the west side of the island. 

You may not have known this but the Garden Center business was called the Holly Hedges Nursery, but however, you've referred to it in the past you can't miss it in the middle of the area.

In order to rescue the famed Fortnite Sapling Groot, all you have to do is head towards the outdoor area of the known Holly Hedges Nursery, where you'll have to look among the shelving units seeing a various collection of different potted plants on the ground. Once you spot these plants, you'll be able to find something that stands out.

You have to inspect the group of three plants along with large fronds and you'll be able to easily spot the Fortnite Sapling Groot quite happily bopping away somewhere in the middle of them.

All you have to do is simply interact as the known Groot and then follow and Rescue prompt in order to complete this whole challenge and also bring Sapling Groot to your own locker as a brand new back bling option.

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