Google's new feature will help you determine an unknown call's purpose so that you don't have to answer it right away. The new 'Verified Calls' feature lets you know why business is calling you.

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The company will launch its update on Android phones to help real businesses make phone calls to their customers easier. It will display the business' logo, name, and reason when the company makes a phone call.

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A symbol will also appear to indicate that Google verified the number. According to TechCrunch's previous report, the feature was introduced when spam calls spread across the United States. RoboKiller stated that American consumers received 61.4 billion robocalls way back in 2019, which is a 28% higher compared in 2018.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission confirmed that the users' number one complaint is unwanted calls. Google's new system can resolve this problem by providing the businesses' information and reasons for calling on the consumers' smartphones, allowing them to know that the callers are legitimate.

However, the feature can only be used by the companies that have signed up with one of Google's partners.

Here are Google's partnered businesses can sign up with

Google said that companies could use Verified Calls once they work with a partner such as JustCall, Zenvia, Prestus, Telecall, Neustar, Five9, Vonage, Aspect, Bandwidth, Kaleyra, IMImobile, Datora, or Quiubas Mobile.

Once businesses sign up with one of these, they'll need to provide their number, customer's contact number, and call reason to the Verified Calls server. After doing this, Google will send the information to the smartphone's Google Phone app. A call will only be verified if its information matches the business' data.

Google also confirmed that the user number and call reason would be removed after a few minutes of verification to protect consumer privacy.

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