When going out nowadays, face mask or face covering is a necessity. Whether to buy outside or even jog in the park, most states require everyone to wear a mask. But what if the mask is a pet snake? Is it still allowed?

This man has the scariest mask!

A man boarded in a public bus in Greater Manchester in England. Like everyone inside the transportation, he is required to cover his mouth and nose to prevent coronavirus's possible spread.

However, when the man entered the bus, every passenger inside went from relaxing to shocked. A snake was covering the mouth area of the man while it was wrapped around his neck.

BBC reported that the bus was heading from Swinton to Manchester at the time the video was captured. Due to everyone's amazement, one passenger decided to video the man with his assumingly pet snake.

Here's the video:

No one identified the man nor found out why his pet snake was being worn as a face mask. 

Most of the passengers, however, find the incident "really funny." The snake was also very calm when he was around the man's neck and didn't bother to interrupt other passengers inside the bus.

"No-one batted an eyelid," she added.

Another passenger also thought that the man was wearing a very "funky mask," then identified that it was a snake right after she saw the patterns. 

"At first I thought he had a really funky mask on, then he let it crawl around the handrails. No one was really bothered on the bus, but a man behind took a video," said her. "It was definitely entertaining."

Photos from Daily Mail UK report confirmed that the man was not wearing any face masks or coverings under the snake's skin.

Not funny at all

Though most of the passengers and the people that watched the video see it as harmless and funny, the local authorities think otherwise. 

After the video went trending, the local government insisted that the snake should not be-- or will never be-- a replacement for real cloth or surgical face mask.

In England, everyone is required to wear face masks in public places, including local transportation buses, taxis, and such. 

Everyone must keep it on until he is outside his home premises. You can leave the face mask off if there is a reasonable excuse for the action. 

Citizens that are not required to wear face coverings are children under age 11, disabled people, police officers, or when someone is diagnosed with a medical condition advised not to wear a mask. 

So far, snakes are not under the protocol.

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