Have you ever heard of QAnon conspiracy theories? Guess what? The QAnon community is once again spreading proofless conspiracies in the mainstream media that fool Americans. 

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Because of Qanon's pseudo-religious qualities, experts call the community a "digital cult." They said that it is the false theory that U.S. President Donald Trump was elected to conduct a secret child-s** trafficking ring controlled by cannibalistic, Satanic Democratic celebrities and politicians.

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Although Qanon's beliefs are non-believable, some people followed the community and began to make other theories that they think are somehow connected to the Qanon conspiracies.

Although its content remains on fringe platforms such as "far-right message board 8kun," some of them still managed to enter the mainstream social media services like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The bogus material was able to fool some people who have no idea that they're taking part in Qanon theories.

To avoid getting fooled by these conspiracies, here are some key elements you need to avoid.

The Deep State

This theory is among the common beliefs of Qanon conspiracists. It claims that a shadowy network of bureaucrats politicians collaborate to control the government.

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The conspiracy serves as the foundation of some people's beliefs regarding business, entertainment, or government.


Qanon believers also suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic was a Chinese bioweapon or was designed by Democrats to derail Trump's reelection chances. Another theory about COVID-19 states that Bill Gates and his foundation planned the pandemic.


This one came out during the 2016 presidential election. It claims that Wikileaks' emails revealed that Democrats connected to Hillary Clinton had been organizing child exploitation in a pizzeria's basement in Washington, D.C.

Signal decoding

QAnon began with an anonymous person under the name "Q Clearance Patriot," who claims to be a high-ranking intelligence officer with access to insidious secrets.

The mysterious person is popularly known as "Q," who continues to publish posts with language that followers attempt to decode.

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