What will happen if you give alligator helium and make it shout? These scientists did just that, and they received an award. The team of researchers put an alligator in a helium-filled box and made it shout.  

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They received an Ig Nobel Prize, an award that honors unusual experiments in the science world. According to CNN's previous report, the award is a spoof of the actual Nobel Prize awards. 

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Australian and Japanese researchers led the group that conducted the weird experiment to know if alligators' vocal communications relate to their body size. However, their goal was not the one that caught the awards committee's attention, but the method they used in their study. 

Other experiments received the Ig Nobel Prize. One of them discovered that their eyebrows could identify narcissists. On the other hand, India and Pakistan's governments received the ceremony's Peace Prize. 

The activity involves the officials secretly ringing each other's doorbells in the middle of the night, and then run away before anyone could see them outside. This was a reference to an incident called "diplomatic ding-dong," which happened two years ago.  

Other awards during the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony

The Ig Nobels began way back in 1991 and still on-going until now. The 2021 ceremony took place on Thursday, which was webcast because of the ongoing pandemic caused by COVID-19.

An international team received the Economics award after experimenting with quantifying the relationship between different countries' national income inequality and the mouth-to-mouth kissing's average amount. 

On the other hand, Richard Vetter, an American researcher, got the entomology prize after gathering proof that many scientists studying insects are afraid of spiders. The medicine award was given to a Dutch-Belgian team that diagnosed a long-unrecognized medical condition called "Misophonia," the distress at hearing other people's chewing sounds while eating. 

"The Ig Nobel Prizes honor achievements that make people laugh, then think," wrote the organizers on their website. 

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