Are you looking for a new pair of headphones? You no longer need to wait for the upcoming Black Friday as Amazon now starts to give massive discounts on some of the best-selling items, such as the Sony's last-generation headphones XB950B1. Here's why this model is good for your new replacements.

Early Black Friday headphones deal

We know that Black Friday is still almost two months from today. It's also no ordinary to see a well-known brand to have discounted items, as early as now.

But when it happens, everyone should claim the chance to grab the discount. As of now, Yahoo found an impressive headphones deal that you could probably love to see.

For a price of $94.99, Sony XB950B1--bragged having an extra bass with app control-- can be yours. These particular Sony headphones were originally priced at $198, like saving as much as 52% or equivalent to over $100. 

This price is quite tempting nowadays since we're still far off from Black Friday or even the Prime Day 2020. 

But the question lies on, are Sony XB950B1 headphones worthy of the discount? 

What you should know about Sony XB950B1 headphones 

Some people say that you will get a non-quality item for that price once you buy an inexpensive item. After all, price suits the quality.

And as we looked in on the Amazon customers page, the same rule applies to this Sony XB950B1 headphones.

Amazon users rate this item of 68% five-star rating. So far, it could be a passing score to buy this item.

But as we looked further, most of the reviews of the item ends up ranting about the basic structure of the headphones, which is said to be 'vulnerable.'

"It would be one thing if I slammed them down hard or they broke after taking a few falls... but for them to break after slipping off my head into a carpeted floor just once is completely unacceptable," said by one customer. "Especially for a "Sony" product."'

Another one gives a direct review of Sony's discounted headphones: "Don't invest $200 into a product made of plastic that will snap with the slightest pressure - especially because that is NOT covered under warranty."

Though most reviews can be too negative for the item, few others also posted positive ones. 

"Right out of the box, I was surprised. I was expecting some cheap-feeling mass-produced headphones, but I quickly realized that my assumptions were wrong," said another customer who clearly said he's not paid by Sony to leave good feedback. 

A verified purchaser also left a review saying, "The bass is deep and nice with the option to turn off the extra bass. I love good bass but I turn mine off because it's sounds great as it is. Much cheaper than Beats by Dre which I've also owned."

So the decision lies on you now. 

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