Li Ziqi, a vlogger, turns into one of the most popular Chinese celebrities, will let you know how to live in a province without technology or the internet. If you're bored with doing routine things while under quarantine, here are some of her suggestions to make your time worthy.

How's your quarantine?

The above woman is the best person you can live with, once you're stuck or chose to live in a province.

Meet vlogger and now celebrity Li Ziqi. If you're searching for the best quarantine habits on Youtube, you may have already bumped in with her videos.

Ziqi's videos are not your typical cooking vlogs. She has no access to any technology or the internet on her videos. And she impressively has done everything-- from her clothes to her food-- from her backyard.

For example, she makes her meals from fruits or vegetables from her farm. To create her own silk quilt, she raised few silkworms in her place and waited for their cacoons.

Here are some of her videos:

Who is Li Ziqi?

According to a local Chinese site, Ziqi was born in Sichuan, China, in 1990. Her father died when she was six and was able to survive with her wicked stepmother-- that said to be not in good terms with her growing up.

After that, her grandparents decided to raise her in the rural Sichuan, where she mostly learned all about the things she shared on her Youtube page.

She told another local site that she was once forced to do these things 'for survival.' Her grandfather died at the time, which made Ziqi and her grandmother get to their feet to put food on the table.

First attempts on her videos

Her first video attempts were just like any other vloggers out there: sloppy, too many shots, and too many words.

Until that day came when she bought her own tripod, she just let the viewers understand what she's doing by just doing it, no further explanation.

If she speaks, it was when she pets her animals or talk with her grandmother. She never explains what she does on cam.

This was the reason why many people think that her videos were unique and aspiring. Most of them don't really copy what she does. They only want to watch how she created these things.

Also, there is something relaxing on how she does her chores every day, just like ASMR when watching Mukbang videos.

We think her 12.4 million followers on Youtube also share the same idea.

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