Fans can't get enough of The Witcher and just recently, Netflix has finally announced that The Witcher: Blood Origin is finally coming to the platform as a new installment of the whole world of the live-action version of The Witcher.

This TV show is said to be an actual six-part live-action prequel that will be taking hundreds of years way before the main series. The Witcher: Blood Origin is said to explore the actual origins of Witchers and reveal the actual "first" Witcher.


Ready for The Witcher season 2?

Given the global success of the first Netflix series and the actual fact that The Witcher season 2 has already been confirmed even before the first has even been released, it's actually no real surprise that the upcoming Blood Origin has been publicly announced quite early.

It also shows just how serious Netflix actually is about the whole The Witcher series. This will in turn hopefully result in even more excellent stories that are set in an entire universe that was created by the one and only Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher: Blood Origin was also previously announced in a tweet back in July 2020.

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No final release date yet

Currently, there is no definite release date for the upcoming The Witcher: Blood Origin which means that predicting this one is going to be quite tricky. Especially now with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has certainly caused a number of delays that have hampered almost every single TV recording schedule.

As a particular reference point, The Witcher season 2 has only restarted filming as well as its production back in mid-august. This could mean that Season 2 won't be expected until some time mid-2021 at the very earliest. It was also noted by Tech Radar that it would be quite surprising to see The Witcher: Blood Origin on Netflix before 2022.

As previously stated in a certain announcement, The Witcher: Blood Origin will actually be set about 12000 years way before the whole world of The Witcher and during the forever known universe-altering Conjunction of the Spheres. Fans should expect a whole emphasis on the known ancient Elven society as tensions between both races rise upon introduction, appearance, disappearances, and others.

Going deeper into the Witcher

While setting the whole scene for the content of the upcoming show, both Hissrich and de Barra released a tweet that revealed a little about what people can expect from the show. Hissrich quickly revealed that she actually always wanted to be able to dive deeper into the whole myth and lore of the known content.

As a particular prequel that is definitely not bound to the existing stories known in the Witcher books but actually still being able to draw people deeper into the really rich world is going to be a promising starting point as well as premise.

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