Back in 2018, Elon Musk's very own original Tesla Roadster actually served as a particular payload right during the previous landmark SpaceX Falcon Heavy's previous test flight. Musk even promised the public with a particular SpaceX option package for the known next-generation Roadster.

Although it's happened already with the Roadster, a particular article by Evannex asks the question, will this happen with the Tesla Model 3? The article then asks how cool it would actually be if there was a Tesla and SpaceX collaboration.

Tesla Model 3 spotted! Where?

Well, it actually turns out that the very mysterious white Tesla Model 3 is already here and performing services as a particular "Emergency Operations" vehicle for the known SpaceX. The known Tesla Model 3 has already been spotted on a number of occasions and also at a number of particularly different SpaceX events.

There are actually a number of hidden (and also not so hidden) synergies that exist between both SpaceX and Tesla. You have probably seen a particular SpaceX video footage of the NASA astronauts known as Bob Behnken and also Doug Hurley both getting out of a particular Tesla Model X right before their very own recent mission to go to the International Space Station. Tesla's very own CEO Elon Musk has even been given the credit of actually helping NASA look cool once again.

Okay, let us go all the way back towards that mysterious awaited SpaceX Model 3. Certain spy shots actually surfaced at the known Boca Chica launch facility (given as a courtesy of @BocaChicaGal) via a particular stunning photo of the very same Model 3 with the known SpaceX logo all wrapped on the car's doors and even equipped with the particularly known emergency vehicle lighting on its top.

The known SpaceX-edition Model 3 was spotted yet again at a certain company recruitment event at their very own Boca Chica office. And, when the enormous Starship SN2 tank was previously returning all the way to the assembly area seen on a rolling loft, the known SpaceX Model 3 was seen monitoring the whole situation at the back in a particular live video that was released some time earlier this year.

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The collaboration

Although the collaboration between Tesla and SpaceX was more for utility purposes, the sweet collaboration looks like something that fans of both Tesla and SpaceX would definitely want for their own. The collaboration, however, has not been released to the public as an option you can get when buying your own Tesla.

It also does not really seem like Elon Musk is planning to release the collaboration EV to the public any time soon as there have been no announcements regarding this collaboration. Well, currently, if you want a collaboration vehicle with the Tesla and SpaceX logo, you might have to do it yourself thus defeating the "collaboration".

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