Popular electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, will soon have its 'high volume' power cell, but production and release will not be available until 2022. The confirmation was made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a day before the September 22 Battery Day, which will reveal innovations and updates from the company to the world.

Battery Day is just hours away, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils a new decision for the company to withhold the production and release of the anticipated 'high volume' batteries. The said batteries were supposed to be part of Tesla's new vehicle programs that boast cargo and speed.

The affected vehicles would be the 2020 Tesla Roadster, Tesla Cybertruck, and the cargo-hauling mammoth, Tesla Semi. These vehicles boast of performance, battery efficiency, and range supposed to be complemented by the new battery.

  According to Elektrek, Tesla took its battery production plans in a new direction and decided to postpone the 'high volume' power cell production partially. The 'pilot production' for a new battery cell seemingly suggests that the company's efforts and focus shifted as well.

This is because the company would use the pilot production line to learn more about battery production and use it to improve its craft of volume production. Despite its recent announcement that boasted a power cell capable of high volume, Tesla decides to forego its plans.

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Tesla's Change of Heart: 2022 Push Backs

The Tesla Factory in Fremont, California, gears up its machines and workers to create the pilot production line of batteries that Tesla geniuses innovated. However, this would not be the 'Million-mile' range battery that Elon Musk promised the world.

The statement made by Tesla's beloved CEO made about the pilot line production was clarified by himself that now states that high-volume would be seen in 2022. The pilot line production batteries are specifically intended for improving Tesla vehicles' power and performance; However, these batteries would not be announced by Tesla if they are not available yet.

This situation led to Elon Musk taking his word back and clarifying that the high volume power cell would be given attention come 2022. Musk admits that this decision will affect the long-term production vehicles, including the Roadster, Cybertruck, and Semi. Tesla's innovative and supposed change to creating batteries is a setback and postponed to allot more knowledge and research about the new cells.

The Pilot Production Line would help make the machine to generate the 'High Volume' line, soon to grace Tesla's awaited electric vehicles.

Is the Pilot Production Line Bringing a Surprise Innovation?

Fans, enthusiasts, and critics are getting a lot of excitement hype from the Tesla Battery Day that will come hours from now on September 22. Despite the many pushbacks, Tesla is still optimistic about delivering innovations to the public.

The Pilot Production Line that will be Tesla's replacement for the volume production will still bring news and information about Tesla's new battery that will soon be used and fitted on its electric vehicles.

Tesla will continue to buy battery cells from partner companies, LG and CATL, with other companies opting to join. Elon Musk admits that Tesla will face a shortage of battery cells in 2022, and this is where it's native battery production will help answer the problem.

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