A Chinese man became popular when he appeared in a consumer rights TV show to complain about his broken door. He is now an internet sensation because of being "too handsome." Mr. Zhang, a 22 years old Chinese guy, has taken social media by storm for being "exceptionally good looking."

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Zhejiang Television interviewed the famous guy after making an appearance on the regional TV station's consumer rights program. He explained that when he took a shower on Sept. 8, the sliding glass bathroom door on his rented apartment suddenly shattered.

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The pieces of broken glass injured him with severe cuts both on his hands. The tenant spent 9,400 yuan or $1,384.17 on his medical bills.

Zhang wants to receive compensation, but he got millions of views, instead

Zhang said that he hoped to get compensation from the residential management office with the local press' help. However, the viewers seemed to be more interested in the Chinese man's appearance than what happened to his bathroom door.

"Once I saw Mr. Zhang's face, I couldn't care any less about the news story," said one of the netizens said.

"I think it's definitely the apartment and the management office's fault, no objection. Mr. Zhang is too handsome. I don't think he'll lie," said another viewer.

Another commentator even asked if Mr. Zhang already has a girlfriend. The internet sensation works as a live-streamer for an online retail store brand. He said that he was overwhelmed by the video after it attracted national attention. 

He added that the attention he is currently receiving is too much to handle. Zhang explained that he didn't think he would become popular; he just wants to protect his rights as a consumer. 

The residential management office's spokesperson said that they don't have any responsibility for the incident since there was no evidence showing that the bathroom door shattered by itself. However, the tenant agreed to pay for the injured man's medical bills after the video went viral.  

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