Nintendo has released the fall update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.5.0 on Sept. 30 with Halloween content and bug fixes. It also includes spooky designs for characters and costumes as well as Halloween-themed events.

The game has been updated already when the title screen shows "Ver. 1.5.0" in the upper-right corner. Aside from Halloween added as a new seasonal event, the game now includes pumpkins as a produce item as well as Do-It-Yourself projects that feature pumpkins.

Also, adjustments were made that fixed bugs to improve the gaming experience. Players can also now hide items that are not for sale when viewing the catalog through the Nook Shopping by pressing the Y Button.

Moreover, new features for visiting dream islands with Luna are added, so players can now choose their destination from previously visited dream islands. They can also add previously visited dream islands in the favorites list.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall events guide

With Halloween just around the corner, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will surely have a blast during this spooky season. Here is the complete guide for the upcoming events in the game.

Halloween Event with Jack

This season's main event is the Halloween celebration, which will happen by the end of October, and it will be hosted by the Czar of Halloween.

To prepare for the event, make sure to gather candies from Nook's Cranny every day as Nook's give out each player one candy per day. Players can later exchange them with Jack for special themed items for the Halloween. 

Halloween-themed costumes

Halloween is the season for dressing up like creepy creatures and monsters. For this season, the Able Sisters have significantly packed their inventory, but it would interchange on a daily basis like regular clothing items.

Halloween-themed appearances

Of course, a costume will not work without a matching face or body paint. Simply visit Resident Services and check out their creepy new skin and eye colors at the Nook Stop terminal. Get the perfect ones in exchange for some Nook Miles.

Also, there is a new set of creepy emoticons, which players can use while having some friendly talks with neighbors.

New Spooky Items at Nook's Cranny

Check out the Timmy and Tommy's shop for new Halloween-themed items that will be offered every day of October so that players can dress up their islands and buildings with pumpkins and Jack-O lanterns. Nook's Cranny also has various items for this season, even after getting a few seasonal changes in the store.

New Pumpkin crop and crafting recipes

Animal Crossing has added a new crop for farming sims and what else could be the perfect one to grow this season - pumpkins!

Well, it is perfect to create various recipes for various goods that will surely grow throughout October. While we still do not have the complete list of recipes, players may try out other crafting recipes for fall.

Download the In-Game Ring Con item

With all candies available this month, it is better to get some exercise using the Ring Con. Players need to download the fall update to get on in-game, which has a cutesy animation for working out.

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