The recent Presidential debate between U.S. President Donald Trump and candidate Joe Biden has resulted in a spike of curious Americans thinking about moving to Canada. During the debate, there was a tremendous increase of searches in keywords such as "how to move to Canada" or "how to apply for Canadian citizenship."

Americans now want to move countries after watching the Presidential debate

On Tuesday, Sept. 29, the whole America watched the much-awaited Presidential debate between two candidates: currently-in-position Republican Donald Trump versus ex-vice president and now his contender Democrat Joe Biden.

Their fight against each other is trending up until now. However, surprisingly, a different keyword also went trending during and after the debate.

These were: "how to move to Canada," or "how to apply for Canadian citizenship."

It turned out, upon watching the debate, most Americans went to Google and search for these keywords.

As we checked on Google Trends, we've seen a tremendous spike on these keyword searches during the period of the debate. 

At 9:36 A.M., the trend of "how to move to Canada" reached its breakout point with a perfect score of 100. Meanwhile, the keywords "how to apply for Canadian citizenship" reached breakout at 4:36 P.M.

Interestingly, these searches were popular in states like Massachusetts, Washington, Michigan, Wyoming, Oregon, and Vermont.  

How netizens react to 'Canada fiasco'

Up until now, the Biden versus Trump debate is still the most-talked-about topic in America. After all, this is the first Presidential debate between the two parties. 

As expected, a lot of things happened on the debate with more air-time of interruptions, yelling, and blaming each other. 

What's your reaction to the recent Presidential debate?

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