Apple has patented an interesting new way for iPhone users to avoid cracks on their devices through the 'self-healing' feature. Well, specifically meant for the future foldable iPhone. Meanwhile, in 2014, Apple also patented a self-cleaning feature for iPhone devices. 

Here's an iPhone crack-free

Whether you're an iPhone user or not, device cracks are among the most common issues on gadgets.

Most of the phone brands already introduced a durable screen display to fix this problem, but Apple has a new modern way to solve this issue: by probably introducing a 'self-healing' iPhone. 

Let's say you accidentally slipped your iPhone while holding it. It fell on the floor and see terrible cracks on display after.

Using Apple's new feature, iPhone users would no longer need to repair it. The device itself will automatically repair on its own through the help of heat, light, or electric current. 

It sounds impossible at first, but it is what Apple wants to do for its future foldable iPhone. Patently Apple recently spotted this patent application, that was originally filed in January. 

Unfortunately, the application was specifically meant for 'foldable iPhones,' which we don't know anything for now. 

How does it work?

According to the report, the proposed display feature works like a magical 'self-healing' device. Once it detects an error on the screen, the device will automatically signals repair without the user having to intervene. 

The Verge also reported that the proposed display could even hold a layer of elastomer that can lose and regain its shape to keep a device protected's sensitive inner workings. 

As of now, there are no signs that this kind of feature will come soon or in the future. What we know is that Apple is no longer a stranger to the 'self-healing' iPhone concept. 

Apple also patents 'self-cleaning' iPhone

Aside from the 'self-healing' concept, Apple also invested patent application on the concept of 'self-cleaning' iPhone in 2014. 

Tech Radar reported at the time that this 2014 patent holds a broader concept than the current one. It can heal and clean itself, including running an automatic, hours-long screen diagnostic overnight while you sleep to help fix dead pixels. 

It will also run the other standard specs for you, like camera feature or the handset's components, that call and text someone. 

Of course, just like the 2020 patent, this feature is still unavailable, despite six years difference. 

Let's see what's next for Apple in the future. 

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