Picking items to buy in a particular store or even online shops is hard for people with the bank's average income. Let's say you want to purchase a new handbag but don't know which item to choose. You need an item that says elegance but doesn't go over the budget. That is when the viral Picker app jumps in.

Which item should you buy?

[VIRAL] This New 'Picker' App Lets You Shop Items Like a Superstar
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A man carrying Gucci shopping bags walks across the Croisette during the 63rd Cannes Film Festival on May 13, 2010 in Cannes, France. Shopping and luxury brands are an intrinsic aspect of the annual film festival at Cannes.

"Stop buying more, buy better," that is the tagline of the newest viral app called Picker. This iOS and Android app is the perfect tool for anyone not being able to make purchases independently.

Picker app, founded in 2018 by Daniel Ramos, Conan Moriarty, and Enric Gabarró and currently backed by Barcelona-based startup Berlin's Btov, offers a service that lets users choose items like their favorite influencers or the people they follow on the app.

For example, you wanted to buy a car. In order to make sure you're buying a great vehicle, you'll check the reviews of the item on the app. Picker app will show you recommendations of influencers, friends, or the wider Picker community on which car you should buy.

Vice versa, you could also leave a review if you like a certain product at the latest restaurant you went from.

"We live in a world where buying online is an overcrowded experience, [and] good products are hidden under a mountain of junk," says CEO Enric Gabarró, who previously worked at Zalando and has a background in influencer marketing.

"Try searching for a camera on the biggest seller online, you will get more than 200,000 results. Which one is the best for you? It is impossible to know; reviews are anonymous and not related to you. As I always say, Picker is for finding the best products for you, because one trusted person beats 500 reviews".

This is how the app works:

App gets $1.5 million funding!

Surprisingly, Tech Crunch reported that the Picker app has already reached a $1.5 million seed funding, as of this week. 

After all, the app is now live in countries like Spain, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

When asked about their difference between other marketing apps, the Picker CEO proudly shares that their app is a consumer-friendly app. 

They will be offering items on the idea of purchase, not advertising products. 

"We are 100% aligned with the users, we want them to enter the app, find the product they want to buy or share, and then leave the platform. We want to help them find the best fit for them as fast as possible without being addicted to our platform. Our focus on discovering products with social leverage is the key differentiator," says Gabarró. 

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