Best VR Headset 2020: Which Device is Great for Gaming, Movies, and More
(Photo : Amazon) Best VR Headset 2020: Which Device is Great for Gaming, Movies, and More

Are you looking buy a new virtual reality (VR) headset? Either you're finding a replacement for your old one, or looking to purchase for the first time, choosing the best VR for your gaming, VRchat, movies, or just for fun is not quite easy as you thought it could be. Since there's a lot of competition out there, it's better to pick the device that is perfect for what you need, where you need, or how much you can spend for it.pc

Luckily, we've picked what we think is the best VR headset to buy in the market. Comparing items from prices to quality. If you think, you've got what you need. Here's the list of things you should know.

Top 5 VR headsets to buy in 2020

Best VR Headset 2020: Which Device is Great for Gaming, Movies, and More
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A man experiences Google's new Daydream View VR headset at a New York City pop-up shop on October 19, 2017 in New York City. The temporary store in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan sells and demonstrates such Google products as the new Pixel 2 phone, home speakers, pixel Buds, and the Daydream View VR headset.

As we said, there are a lot of VR headset brands out there. But there's only one model device that fits what you need. Here are the top 5 best VR choices we've got for you.

Samsung Gear VR (Best Mobile VR headset)

Best VR Headset 2020: Which Device is Great for Gaming, Movies, and More
(Photo : Samsung )
Best VR Headset 2020: Which Device is Great for Gaming, Movies, and More

Pros: Durable VR and lightweight, clean easy-to-use interface, comfortable head tracking, affordable

Cons: Requires a Samsung phone only, non-rechargeable controller, larger and more expensive than the Google Daydream View


Samsung Gear VR is considered as the best mobile phone VR headset as it fits any Samsung devices in the market today. It features a USB-C connector to easily connect VR to phone.

When it comes to its controls, the Gear VR has similarities with HTC Vive controller design with its motion controller with a touchpad and trigger button.

Of course, since it's a mobile VR headset, this device depends its features with your Samsung phone- if you have an old phone, your game may not be smoother.

This device prices range at $129.99 up to $169 on Amazon stores.

Sony PlayStation VR Headset (Perfect for Gaming)

Best VR Headset 2020: Which Device is Great for Gaming, Movies, and More
(Photo : Amazon )
Best VR Headset 2020: Which Device is Great for Gaming, Movies, and More

Pros: Cheap price, good selection of games, near PC-quality performance, and works with many PS4 controllers, such as Move and DualShock

Cons: Uneven quality of motion controller tracking, resolution isn't cutting edge like other


Unlike other VR (virtual reality) headsets that require high-gaming PC, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and HTV Vive Pro, Sony's PlayStation VR only needs a PS4 console to run, making it affordable.

PSVR still remains the only headset with a head-mounted display for gaming consoles. Although it is quite cheap, it can still provide a surprisingly immersive gaming experience for the users. Its refresh rate is also responsive, and there are no issues with its head-tracking's reliability so far.

You can but this VR headset for as low as $200, and if you're lucky, there'll be some game already installed in it.

Vive Index

Pros: High-quality headset, features that work with Vive hardware, and high-tech futuristic controller.

Cons: Requires room setup, price is too high, and tethering cable.


Valve's hardware, which is built on the Steam VR platform, is mix-and-match compatible with the HTC Vive. On the other hand, the equipment's Index headset has excellent audio and a really sharp. Since it uses external "lighthouses" boxes, the user needs to set the Index in a room first. You can get this cool headset for around $500.

If you're looking for the most exciting VR headset for PC, then Valve's HTC Vive Cosmos is the right one for you. Why? Just check out its fancy new controllers to find out. This device's "knuckle" controllers are pressure-sensitive and can track all five fingers, making them almost like gloves.

Oculus Quest

Pros: Great touch controllers, a comfortable gaming design, self-contained, wireless, reasonable price, and excellent VR for a standalone device

Cons: Battery lasts only for 2 hours, slight light leakage, and a limited library of apps


Oculus Quest is the best VR headset for those players who don't want to be bound by cables or build an expensive gaming PC set. It delivers an immersive VR experience anywhere and contains virtual reality games. What's good about this device is that it only takes a few seconds to start up. Unlike other VR headsets, Oculus Quest doesn't require additional equipment, a lengthy setup process, or external sensors.

The device also fits really well over glasses. It also has self-contained motion tracking and a full-motion six degrees of freedom (6DoF) VR controllers, just like those on the PC-required Oculus Rift. Additionally, the VR headset has a surprisingly great high-resolution display and built-in speakers. You can get Oculus Quest for as low as $400.

Oculus Rift S

Pros: HD display, in-headset room tracking, great controllers, reasonable all-in price, improved visuals, and no external tracking stations

Cons: Prone to crashing, reduced refresh rate, bulky headset, no flip-up ability


Oculus Rift was first introduced back in 2012. It is now owned by Facebook, serving as the company's next leap forward for high-end, PC-based virtual reality experiences.

The Oculus Rift S is an improved version of the original 2016 Rift PC VR headset. The great thing about this gadget is that it no longer needs external sensors or cameras, allowing owners to easier use it. It also has an excellent collection of apps and games.

On the other hand, the Oculus Store has a simple layout, allowing first-time Rift users to easily browse for games.

Best VR Headset 2020: Which Device is Great for Gaming, Movies, and More
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A VidCon attendee experiences Samsung Gear VR at The Samsung Experience at VidCon 2016 on June 23, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

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