After thousands of users have demanded a Spotify widget on the new Apple's iOS 14, the company has now reportedly developed the new widget. In the latest beta version, 9to5Mac found screenshots of what appears to be the much-awaited Spotify widget. Unfortunately, the feature seemed to be lacking something important.

Is there a Spotify-widget on new iOS 14?

Spotify Adds as New iOS 14 Widget in Beta Mode; How to Put iPhone Widgets?
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Good news to all iOS users demanding for an easier access on Spotify app. 9to5Mac found interesting pictures of the alleged design for the Spotify-widget app.

According to the report, since the iOS 14 was released in September, a lot of users demanded Spotify for a new update to support for the latest OS.

One of their sources told the report that the new Spotify-widget is now released on beta mode. Just like a standard widget on iPhones, it retains Spotify's design that can be resized in small or medium sizes, depending on your preference.

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Spotify Adds as New iOS 14 Widget in Beta Mode; How to Put iPhone Widgets?
(Photo : Screenshot from: @nguyenhimself Twitter Account )
Spotify Adds as New iOS 14 Widget in Beta Mode; How to Put iPhone Widgets?

As shown on the image by iPhone and Twitter user @nguyenhimself, the new Spotify-widget displays the currently played artwork album of the artist, song, or name of the artist.

Users can also insert all four information in one box, once resized to medium.

What's missing?

One major thing that most users observed on the new Spotify widget is the lack of its main purpose on the home screen.

Unfortunately, we don't see the play, pause, or next buttons anywhere on the new widget, suggesting that there might be no additional features like that.

After all, Apple only allows widgets for read-only purposes, presumably due to the battery issues of the app.

Remember: this feature is still on beta testing mode.

How to add iOS 14 widgets on iPhone?

Since Spotify widget is still on a beta testing mode, here are the ways to put other app widget on your home screen, explained via The Verge.

  • Tap and hold empty screen anywhere on your phone
  • Wait for the apps to jiggle and display minus sign
  • Click the plus sign at the top of the screen
  • Tap on the widget you want to add and confirm it by clicking 'Add Widget'
  • Once done, tap anywhere on the homescreen to edit the widgets

You can easily edit the size or placement of your widget as where you see fits.

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