In a thread on Twitter made by @enn_nafnlaus, certain claims about Tesla and Elon Musk were then cleared out along with pretty interesting remarks about the CEO's investing tactics.

There is a circulating story that Martin Eberhard actually founded Tesla to which Elon Musk stated that Eberhard was actually fired back in 2007 as Tesla CEO for giving false information to the board. It was also stated that nobody followed his leave.

Elon Musk's CEO status at Tesla: where it began

It was also stated by Elon Musk that there were in fact really sketchy edits to the Tesla wiki that certain whitewash Eberhard's own problems/glorify his role. What actually happened was that Elon Musk was the interim CEO/co-CEO in July 2007 while Michael Marks was also the co-CEO for the fourth quarter of 2007 and Ze-ev Drori was the acting co-CEO for quarters one to three in 2008.

After the third quarter financing round back in 2008 got bust, there was reportedly no choice but for Elon Musk to finally step in as CEO. The billionaire has retained his CEO status until today. He currently heads two of his companies namely Tesla and SpaceX. Although these are not the only companies under his belt, these few companies are the ones where he spends the most time with and even takes up the majority of his time.

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The allegations of Elon Musk's "small" investment

After giving a detailed account of Elon Musk's timeline starting from 1994 to the success of Tesla in 2009 when it started to pick up, certain comments were given by @enn_nafnlaus stating what really gets the user is that with the amount of money that Elon Musk has actually been able to earn from the previous sale of NuvoMedia, he has actually only invested a total of $75,000 during the Series A round.

It was stated that Elon Musk only put in 1% while the investors have to pick up 98% of the investment. It was also stated by the Twitter account that it was hesitant about those projects whose founders apparently "do not" want a majority of their money invested in it.

To this, Elon Musk replied "Exactly" while explaining that the user was actually playing the "poor investor" card, but turned out to be rich all along and also invented nothing (according to what Elon Musk knows). The tech CEO then stated that he had gone all the way down to the point of both zero cash or even saleable assets back in 2008/2009 and was left with no house. He even stated that he actually had to borrow money from his own friends just to be able to pay the rent.

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