Tesla announces yet another price cut on its popular Model S by a whopping $3,000 as the current sales of the company's flagship sedan still continue to go down. This move actually follows a previous $5,000 price drop that happened in May. Now, the price of the Model S Long Range Plus currently sells starting at just $71,990 in the U.S. while the other Performance version currently lists for a bigger $91,990, according to an article by Fox Business.

Tesla is also reportedly increasing the range of its known Model X with the brand new 2021 version according to the car's new Monroney sticker. For two years in a row, Tesla is actually moving to a much earlier model year change just like the rest of the auto industry instead of singularly cahnging its whole model year for the cars that are being produced during the new year. Some of the Model X buyers are already taking deliveries and their EVs are now listed with 2021 VIN numbers.

Tesla's performance during the pandemic

Tesla has also recently reported 15,200 in total combined global deliveries for the known Model S as well as the Model X SUV during the whole third quarter. This number is actually down nearly half from the previous record of a whopping 27,660 that were sold back in 2018.

As for the good news, the overall Tesla deliveries actually set a new quarterly record of a huge 139,300 on the strength of the known lower-priced Model 3 as well as the Model Y. Tesla has also recently been pushing and improving the range for their Model S Long Range Plus to a total of 402 miles per charge. This is the highest efficiency that can be found in comparison to other EV cars on sale as of today.

The current price for the brand new top of the line Tesla Model S Plaid (the high-performance version) is said to go on sale in the late 2021s with a strongly claimed 520-mile range that was not changed and the price point still remains at the $139,990 price point.

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Tesla's notable expansions this 2020

Tesla, despite the ongoing pandemic, has still been able to grow as a company expanding massively around the world. They have gotten more competitive in China by dropping their prices and offering really good deals to those who purchase their products while in Germany, they are currently constructing a gigantic Gigafactory which should improve their reach throughout Europe.

The company just recently gave a huge announcement during Battery Day saying that they want to phase out cobalt and want to produce a $25,000 car according to an article by The Verge. The new battery technology is aimed to make manufacturing even more efficient and at the same time help drop the prices of their EVs in general.

The concept is to be able to create a battery that is somehow already part of the hardware in order to not only save space and provide more efficient energy, but also to minimize production costs. An example given was to apply "airplane" technology where even the wing flaps actually carry fuel. In the EVs case, Tesla wants to be able to fuse the battery with certain hardware making it more efficient.

According to Electrek, both the Model S and the Model X are currently using the Panasonic 18650 cells that are manufactured in Japan. Panasonic has recently announced their plans on improving the whole energy density of the given cells and the Model X just might get the first batch of these cells.

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