Google is now adding a new feature on the Chrome OS that will allow users to retrieve automatically and accidentally deleted files or items on one's Chromebook through the "Trash" file system, similar to Windows, Apple, and Linux's "Bin" system. This feature was long-awaited by users because it is essential in personal computers to retrieve files.

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The internet-centric multinational company Google is making a move to give its users a more convenient and ideal feature for its Chromebook to have a trash file system. Most trash file systems go unnoticed but prove to uphold absolute importance when "recycling" or retrieving old files that were accidentally deleted.

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Chrome OS: Trash File System Will Soon Come

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According to 9 to 5 Google, the Chrome OS will soon have a new trash folder that will give an extra assurance to users who deletes files. Google is also notoriously known to automatically delete files when storage capacities are near full, particularly in the Chromebook with the company's operating system.

The automatic deleting process by Google proves to be a hassle to most users who have no more chances to retrieve old files. Whether accidental or automatic deletions, Chromebook user files face permanent deletion from their personal computers, without any assurance of restoring.

The files can only be restored if the user turns on the automatic cloud back up or utilizes the online system to keep a copy of old files. The other possible way of retrieval is if computer files are regularly saved on external drives, done manually by the owner.

Google's central account system, particularly with its Chromebook, mainly relies on the online cloud services of the company. The Google "account for all" ensures the synchronization of the systems with the company's tools. The soon-addition to the operating system is what the Chromebook promises. Currently, users face a significant inconvenience when cloud back-ups are not up-to-date.

Recycle Your Trash Easily and Retrieve All Files on Chrome OS

Google's new move is good news for all Chrome OS and Chromebook users. This feature is much awaited ever since the release of the Chromebook and the Google-native operating system since 2011. The company's venture for its operating system and laptop personal computer is to support the self-sufficient track of Google.

The internet company's self-sufficiency venture started with online tools such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, Google News, etc. The company then developed devices alongside the venture, including the popular Google Pixel smartphones, Google Nest, Chromebook, etc.

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Indeed, Google has nearly dominated the market, and the public is more reliant on the Mountain View giant's technology. The Chromium Gerrit confirms the new flag for trash on the Chrome OS, finally giving users their needs and request from the company.

Chrome OS' Trash System: Separate Bins for Files

Reports from 9 to 5 Google confirms that there will indeed be new trash systems for the Chrome OS Canary. Yes, "systems" because it will have separate trashes for the system files and its native platform, Linux Files. The multiple trash bins are made to accommodate and work well with Linux's traditional file management system.

Undo Trash
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Apart from the Trash Bin systems, Google is also preparing to integrate an "Undo" button for every deleted file to confirm the action to the owner, much like in Google's online tool systems such as Gmail or Docs.

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