For those psyched for the next episode of #MinecraftManhunt, the wait is finally over! The YouTube channel known as Dream that initially popularized this kind of playing format in "Minecraft" has recently uploaded another video titled the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters REMATCH."

The game requires not only mastery of the terrain but also the ability to think fast on your feet while different choices present themselves with only milliseconds of time for decision making. This is something that Dream is good at, split second decision making.

Instead of the previous games 1 Hunter, the Minecraft Manhunt now brings a total of 4 different Hunters to go against the Speedrunner. These hunters are played by other YouTubers known as Antfrost, BadBoyHalo, George, and also Sapnap.

Dream actually played another game of 1 Speedrunner versus 4 Hunters back in September and the video has gotten quite a lot of views as well. It seems like 1 VS 4 is much more challenging than 1 on 1.

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Here are a few things that make Dream so good at .Minecraft Manhunt.:

1. Always look ahead.

Dream manages to look way ahead into the horizon making sure that there is nothing that would potentially block him and make him lose later on. He knows how many blocks should he jump and at what time should they be executed. That type of precision still takes some training but once you get used to it, no block can push you back!

2. Plan routes.

Make sure to plan your routes out. Grasslands obviously give the Hunters a possibility of catching up but give you a breather from jumping while mountains might potentially block you but could also block the Hunters. Make sure not to lead a chase directly downwards as Hunters could skip a few steps and jump directly down.

3. Make use of terrains.

As mentioned earlier, mountains can be risky but also offer you a good reward. The problem is going down. Never go directly down in a singular line but try to spice things up a little while going further from the Hunters. Another example is cliffs and ridges. These might be a little risky but if you're right about the jump, the Hunters won't be able to catch you!

4. Take risks.

Like jumping downwards, risk is always part of the game. The riskier the move, the more beneficial it could be for the Speedrunner. Of course, never take on risks you know are too big to handle. Since it's hard to back out from a jump, what you can do is go sidewards.

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These are just a few of Dream's techniques on .Minecraft Manhunt. and if you want to learn more, you'll have to check out his videos and study his moves.

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