A particular Brazilian doctor reportedly died due to COVID-19 after consensually volunteering for the known AstraZeneca as well as Oxford University's vaccine trial. However, he was allegedly not part of the said experimental group that actually received the vaccine jab, according to certain reports.

Astrazeneca Vaccine Death: The complications

Dr João Pedro R. Feitosa, age 28, has reportedly died from certain complications caused by the known virus on October 15. This information was confirmed by the G1 Rio website in Brazil. The Brazilian newspaper known as Globo as well as the news agency Bloomberg has both said that he was in fact within the control group and has in fact received a placebo vaccine rather than the actual test vaccine, citing different sources that are close to the trials.

Dr Feitosa has already been treating COVID-19 patience ever since March and was working in the emergency rooms as well as the intensive care units at two different hospitals located in Rio Janeiro, according to Globo.

According to an article by Daily Mail, Oxford University has stated that the trials will still continue even after the death of the known volunteer adding that the independent review had actually revealed no safety concerns.

Astrazeneca Vaccine Trial Continued

The university spokesperson stated that following the intricate and careful assessment of the recent case in Brazil, they have found no concerns about the entire safety of the clinical trial as well as the independent review in addition to the known Brazilian regulator have also recommended that the ongoing trial should still continue.

Even the Federal University of Sao Paulo, which is currently coordinating the phase 3 trials over in Brazil, stated that the independent review committee themselves have recommended that the trial should continue.

The university then stated that everything is currently "proceeding as expected" and without any record of actual serious vaccine-related complications that are involving just about any of the known participating volunteers.

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AstraZeneca stock shares dropped after the given news

Upon the given news, AstraZeneca's very own shares then dropped and were down about 1.7% but it still confirmed the NBC News in a statement saying the trials would continue to go on.

The statement said that they cannot give any comment regarding the individual cases in the known ongoing trial of the said Oxford vaccine but they do adhere strictly to the medical confidentiality as well as the clinical trial regulations. They stated that they can confirm that all of the required review processes have strictly been followed.

According to experts, the upcoming Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine could potentially be the very first available vaccine in the world as scientists from the entire globe are all racing towards finding a cure for the known COVID-19.

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