MagSafe Case
(Photo : Reddit via u/zarnold16 r/iphone)

Apple unknowingly rolled-out several iPhone 12 MagSafe Cases that have factory defects, particularly phone cases without speaker holes found at the bottom of the accessory, a few days after its release. Apple's release of MagSafe Cases is now more solid and intact, missing the essential speaker holes to let out iPhone 12's enhanced experience.

MagSafe Case
(Photo : Reddit via u/zarnold16 r/iphone)

Apple users who ordered the iPhone 12 MagSafe cases from the company's website, Apple stores and retailers are now sharing their unexpected reactions upon receiving the defective cases. Recent orders have rolled out early for customers who bought MagSafe cases to complement their iPhone 12s before its shipping on October 23.

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Apple: Redditors Share Defective MagSafe Cases

According to Mac Rumors, Apple users took their dismay and surprise at the missing speaker holes on social media and news aggregator website, Reddit. Currently, there are two separate cases that received defective cases from Apple's manufacturing and production.

Redditors u/zarnold16 and u/Natebaakko showcased the photos with a solid bottom, no passageways for the iPhone 12's built-in speaker to pass through. Apple is now receiving comical reactions and significant criticism from the users who viewed the posts.

My iPhone 12 Pro case came without speaker holes. Apple Advisor said that it shouldn't, videos online show otherwise. from r/iphone

Redditor u/zarnold16 even shared his experience talking to an "Apple Advisor" that says the MagSafe cases have no speaker holes on its body. However, the Redditor refuses to believe that as videos online show that reviews from the cases show the bottom's indicated holes.

No speaker holes on new MagSafe case- I know someone else had this issue. This isn’t supposed to be this way, right? from r/iphone

On the other hand, Redditor u/Natebaakko asks if the case "isn't supposed to be this way" to the r/iphone community. The concerned MagSafe case owner also got confused about Apple's factory defective unit that was sent to him. The Redditor is also aware that there has been a report on the website about the case.

iPhone 12 MagSafe Case: Should it or Should it Not Have Speaker Holes?

Based on Redditor u/zarnold16's testimony, an unnamed "Apple Advisor" told him that naturally, the MagSafe Case for the iPhone 12 has no speaker holes. However, recent videos and reviews show otherwise. The dispute now confuses the public for the case's real make.

Majority of the reviews and unboxing shows speaker holes on the bottom of MagSafe cases, horizontally aligned with the large hole for the charging cord. Apple also says that this is the standard look for the company-made cases compatible with the MagSafe magnetic charger.

According to Mac Rumors, users who have received MagSafe cases with factory defects should immediately be reported to Apple Support or the retailer store for brand-new replacement from the company. The occurrence of the speaker hole-less MagSafe cases are factory defects from the manufacturing process.

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