Orea, one of the most popular snack companies and the makers of the legendary chocolate, cream, chocolate sandwich cookies could be a tad bit overreacting with regards to an upcoming asteroid by building a well fortified doomsday vault.

Asteroid coming in November? Save the Oreos!

According to CNet, the Asteroid known as Asteroid 2018 VP1 is actually scheduled to graze the very Earth this coming November 2. It actually has a very real but also extremely slim chance of entering Earth's atmosphere, at which point it would then harmlessly disintegrate.

Despite the slim possibility, it looks like Oreo is not taking any slight chance. The company has just recently finished building a concrete doomsday vault over in Norway in order for them to house their cookies just in case the asteroid might actually hit.

What was the Oreo cookie vault modeled after?

The entire vault design was actually inspired by a specific famous seed vault located in the Arctic. The vault located in the Arctic was actually meant to preserve the whole world's botanical legacy against both the unforeseeable natural or even man-made disasters.

Although Oreo's version is much smaller, it still shows that the cookie company is well committed to actually ride out on this truly epic PR stunt. A video shows an actor's portrayals along with one real astronomer showing off the legendary vault.

Oreo vault's location and what temperatures can it withstand

The vault is said to be located at 78°08'58.1"N, 16°01'59.7"E which is somewhere not too far from the  Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

The Global Oreo Vault project was apparently kicked off by a certain cookie fan called Olivia Gordon's offhand tweet back on October 3. The tweet asked a question that should the asteroid reach Earth before the elections, who would save the Oreos?

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It seems like the answer is that the Oreo company will save itself! According to Oreo's statement some time last friday, as another layer of precaution, the Oreo packets were also wrapped in mylar, which is built to be able to withstand an extreme temperature of -80 degrees all the way to 300 degrees Fahrenheit

The mylar layer is also impervious to different chemical reactions, air and moisture, and can keep the cookies really fresh even after a number of years have passed. The asteroid actually does not pose a huge threat to humanity or its cookies on Earth, but it is still heartening to know the fact that there will still be room for the much loved Oreo cookies should the asteroid ever hit.

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