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Huge Mass Of What Could Be Iron On Moon Could Jumpstart Investment In Space Mining

A mysterious mass underneath the lunar surface could provide a wealthy source of valuable metals to be mined. If researchers were right, iron that can be used to construct facilities outside of Earth can be mined from the Moon.

Space June 24, 2019

Anomalies On Moon's South Pole Could Be Caused By Metal Asteroid Impact

Researchers found an anomaly underneath the South Pole-Aitken basin on the far side of the moon. According to their calculations, the anomaly might have been caused by the remains of the asteroid that created the impact 4 billion years ago.

Space June 11, 2019

1.2-Billion-Year-Old Crater Of Biggest Meteorite Collision In UK History Discovered Hidden In Scottish Coast

The site of the biggest meteorite crash in the United Kingdom has finally been found. It occurred 1.2 billion years ago, but scientists said the crater is remarkably well-preserved under the seabed.

Space June 10, 2019

Football Field-Sized Asteroid To Pass Close To Earth In September, Has Low Chance Of Hitting

Experts are expecting an asteroid to have a close encounter with Earth this coming September. There is no need to worry about it, as the chances of it hitting Earth are very low.

Space June 8, 2019

Asteroid With Its Own Moon To Have Close Encounter With Earth This Weekend

A potentially hazardous asteroid massive enough to have its own moon will fly by Earth this weekend. It will be the object's second-closest encounter with Earth in the past two decades.

Space May 24, 2019

ESA's Gaia Spacecraft Accidentally Discovers 3 Asteroids While Gazing At Stars

While scanning the skies for stellar objects, the Gaia spacecraft made an entirely different discovery. Three asteroids popped up that used to be unknown to astronomers.

Space May 7, 2019

Water Found In Asteroid Itokawa Suggests Space Rocks Brought Up To Half Of Earth's Oceans

Terrestrial samples collected by the Japanese prober Hayabusa from asteroid Itokawa were unexpectedly rich in water. This discovery would help scientists further study the origin of water on Earth and other planets.

Space May 2, 2019

'God Of Chaos' Asteroid To Fly By Earth On Friday The 13th In 2029

Ten years from now, on Friday the 13th, a gigantic asteroid will approach Earth and venture as close as some of the current orbiting spacecraft. It's a momentous event that will allow scientist an intimate look at a space rock like they've never had before.

Space May 1, 2019

Japan's Hayabusa2 Creates First Ever Man-Made Crater On Asteroid

Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency released photos of the man-made crater blasted by its lander Hayabusa2 on the asteroid Ryugu. This historic feat will help JAXA's ongoing study on the primitive asteroid.

Space April 27, 2019

NASA Grants Elon Musk's SpaceX $69 Million Contract To Fly Spacecraft Into Asteroid: What's The Objective Of DART Mission?

SpaceX was recently awarded a $69 million US space agency contract to fly spacecraft into asteroids. What is the main objective of NASA’s DART mission?

Space April 16, 2019

SpaceX Wins NASA's Anti-Asteroid DART Contract

DART will be the first-ever NASA mission to deflect an asteroid from space by using a kinetic impactor. SpaceX charged NASA $69 million, a cheaper price compared to most space contracts.

Space April 13, 2019

Japan’s Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Detonates Bomb On Asteroid Ryugu To Create A Crater

JAXA's asteroid prober Hayabusa2 fired a copper bomb into C-type asteroid Ryugu’s surface. The blast is expected to create a crater and enough debris for scientific study.

Space April 5, 2019

Hubble Captures Image Of Rare Self-Destructing Asteroid

A rare asteroid self-destruction event was captured in clear images thanks to collaborative efforts from facilities all over the world. New survey telescopes can now scan the entire sky for such rare asteroids.

Space March 30, 2019

Japanese Scientists Figure Out Where Asteroid Ryugu Might Be From

Where exactly did the mysterious Ryugu asteroid come from? Japanese scientists think they now know the space rocks that could be its possible source parents.

Space March 23, 2019

OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Detects Mysterious Plume Of Particles From Bennu Asteroid

OSIRIS-REx was in for some surprises as it orbited the asteroid Bennu. The small heavenly body doesn’t only have a more rugged terrain than anticipated, it is also throwing particle plumes.

Space March 20, 2019

Blowing Up Large Earth-Killing Asteroids Not A Solution, Research Says

Recent findings showed destroying killer asteroids is a lot more difficult than previously thought. Scientists observed in a new asteroid collision model that even though a killer asteroid is bigger, it does not necessarily mean it is weaker.

Space March 9, 2019

Researchers Come Up With Way To Build Space Stations Inside Asteroids

Researchers proposed that a space station inside an asteroid could enable humans to mine resources from the countless space rocks within the solar system. In recent years, there have been interests from governments and companies to drill in space.

Space February 11, 2019

Rare Species Of Asteroid Zips Around The Sun In Just 165 Days

Zwicky Transient Facility astronomical survey camera found an unusual asteroid looping constantly on Venus’ orbit. Asteroid 2019 AQ3 only has 165 days of revolution around the sun compared to Venus’ 225 days.

Space February 11, 2019

Scientists Report Spike In Asteroid Impacts: Is Earth Headed For Collision?

The frequency of asteroid impacts had increased between two to three times about 290 million years ago before dinosaurs emerged. Researchers noticed an uptick in asteroid strikes by studying impact craters on the moon and Earth.

Space January 18, 2019

WINE Spacecraft Can Propel Itself To Asteroids Using Steam Instead Of Fuel

A new type of spacecraft can extract water from planetary bodies and turn it into steam energy to propel the vehicle deeper into space. This project aims to reduce the costs related to building such technology in the future.

Space January 14, 2019

OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Enters Bennu Asteroid Orbit Ahead Of Schedule

On Dec. 31, NASA reached another milestone after the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft successfully entered the orbit of Bennu 70 million miles away from Earth. The asteroid is now the smallest celestial body to be orbited by a spacecraft.

Space January 2, 2019

Traces Of Water Found On Asteroid Bennu Open Up New Exploration Possibilities

Latest images from OSIRIS-REx spectrometers confirmed preliminary projections of Bennu’s size, rotation rate, and shape. Traces of hydroxyls were also found on the asteroid’s surface, suggesting that it might have landed on water.

Space December 13, 2018

Is ‘Oumuamua An Alien Spacecraft? SETI Finds No Artificial Signal From Interstellar Object

SETI scientists who were looking for signals that could prove the ‘Oumuamua incorporates some technology came up empty-handed. This isn't the first time researchers tried to eavesdrop on the interstellar rock for signals that could suggest of alien origin.

Space December 9, 2018

NASA OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft To Start Studying Bennu Asteroid After Reaching Goal

NASA will provide a live broadcast of OSIRIS-REx's arrival at Bennu, a near-Earth asteroid. The probe will survey the space rock and collect samples from its surface before it voyages back to Earth.

Space December 3, 2018

Asteroid 2018 VX1 Will Zip By Earth Today: How And When To Watch This Celestial Event

Newly discovered asteroid 2018 VX1 will zip by Earth on Saturday, Nov. 10, at around 1 pm EST. The asteroid - the size of a small truck - poses no threat to Earth and its celestial journey can be tracked live online.

Space November 10, 2018

Harvard Scientists Say Mysterious Cigar-Shaped Object 'Oumuamua May Have Been Alien Spacecraft

A study argued that 'Oumuamua might have been a debris from an advanced alien technology or a space probe to check out the solar system. Scientists said that an artificial origin could explain why the interstellar object is so strange.

Space November 8, 2018

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Runs Out Of Fuel After Exploring Asteroid Belt

After 11 years in deep space, Dawn ran out of fuel and has lost the ability to communicate home. It will continue to orbit around Ceres silently for decades.

Space November 2, 2018

Asteroid Ryugu Landscape Filled With Rocks And Boulders

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency found that the surface of the asteroid Ryugu is rockier than expected with little flat areas to land. It has delayed the planned touchdown of Hayabusa2 to next year.

Space October 15, 2018

Scientists Are Making And Selling Artificial Martian Dirt For $20 Per Kilogram

The University of Central Florida created dirt that closely resembles the one on the surface of Mars using data collected by NASA's Curiosity rover. Moon and asteroid dirt are also available.

Space October 1, 2018

Japanese Spacecraft Sends Down Tiny Robots To Explore Asteroid

JAXA confirmed that Hyabusa2 has deployed the MINERVA-II1 hopping rovers on the surface of Ryugu. Japan has already released the first few photos of the asteroid taken by the rovers upon landing.

Space September 23, 2018

US Geological Survey Sets Sights On Mining In Space

US Geological Survey started a large-scale mapping of available resources from the outer space, specifically asteroids, the moon, and Mars. The effort could help future space missions into deep space and supply resources to Earth.

Space September 5, 2018

New Study Suggests The Earth Has More Than 1 Moon

Scientists have discovered that mini-moons are orbiting the Earth. Researchers believe that it could provide a better understanding on what makes up asteroids. However, finding the objects could be a challenge because of its small size.

Space August 17, 2018

China Plans To Capture An Asteroid And Bring It Down To Earth

Researchers proposed an innovative plan to capture a small asteroid and take it with them to Earth. They said they hope to launch the plan in 2029 and compete it in 2034.

Space July 26, 2018

NASA Discovers Two Asteroids Hours After They Slipped Past Earth

Two asteroids safely skimmed past Earth this weekend. They were detected hours after their flyby. Why do astronomers detect near-Earth objects only after the space rocks are already close to our planet?

Space July 12, 2018

Remnant Of ‘Fireball’ Meteor Recovered In Botswana

A second fragment of the small asteroid crash on June 2 was recovered in Botswana. Here are more details from the 2018 LA asteroid and the remnant left by its bright crash across the African sky.

July 10, 2018

Asteroids Came From Ancient Minor Planets That Shattered Into Smithereens

Ancient planets that formed during the early solar system gave birth to the asteroids in the main asteroid belt. This is what scientists at the University of Florida proposed to explain the existence of these bodies between Mars and Jupiter.

Space July 3, 2018

Bizarre Blue Asteroid 3200 Phaethon Reflects Light In A Peculiar Way

Scientists found that an unusually blue asteroid that whizzed dangerously close to Earth last year is reflecting light in a peculiar way. The light that hits Phaethon is some of the most polarized light in the solar system.

Space July 2, 2018

Here’s When To Spot Giant Vesta Asteroid So You Won’t Wait Until After 2040

Astronomers said 4 Vesta, a massive asteroid, has swung by Earth at a close distance it has never been before. The giant asteroid has gotten so close that it is now visible to the naked eye.

Space June 29, 2018

After 3 Years, Japan Probe Reaches Ryugu Asteroid: What Now?

The Hayabusa2 mission of the Japanese space agency rendezvoused with Ryugu asteroid after launching in 2014. It then began its 18-month stay in space to bring samples back to Earth to gain insights about the solar system’s formation.

Space June 28, 2018

Remember Oumuamua? The Interstellar Asteroid Turns Out To Be A Comet After All

It appears that researchers have finally solved the Oumuamua mystery. The interstellar visitor is now known to be a comet, not an asteroid, as it accelerates in its exit from the Solar System.

Space June 28, 2018

First Human Mission To Binary Asteroid Will Help NASA Defend Earth From Possible Collisions

The European Space Agency announced an update on its Hera spacecraft that is set to be the first human mission heading to a binary asteroid. ESA said the spacecraft has entered its next engineering design phase.

Space June 27, 2018

Ryugu ‘Firefly Stone’ Asteroid Spells Good And Bad News For Japanese Spacecraft Hayabusa2

The Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 reached its nearest distance to its target asteroid, the Ryugu. A photo taken on June 24 revealed the interesting shape of the asteroid, which scientists found to be both interesting and challenging.

Space June 26, 2018

The Largest Fireball Asteroid In 2018 Exploded Over Russia, But NASA Doesn't Notice It Until After Impact

A fireball asteroid struck Russia near the city of Lipestak on June 21. Although NASA promised to track asteroids, it failed to spot this one until after it reached the Earth.

Space June 25, 2018

There Could Be Thousands Of Unconfirmed Near-Earth Objects According To Scientists

Scientists estimated that there could be thousands of near-Earth objects that are left unconfirmed. The team called for concerned agencies to devise a method that could ensure timely detection of NEOs that could potentially hit Earth.

Space June 23, 2018

Here's What NASA Will Do To Stop Asteroids From Hitting Earth

An 18-page document released by the White House outlined five goals in protecting the Earth from asteroid crashes. One of the things that NASA will do is to enhance the asteroid detection and tracking capabilities of the United States.

Space June 21, 2018

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