Fans of 'Minecraft' and 'Doom' don't have to switch games every now and then anymore. In fact, fans of both games can now easily play them together. 'Doom' has been known as one of the core FPS games ever since the days of PC and due to this masterfully crafted fundamental concoction, this makes it possible for the game to be played on other games as well.

Doomed: Demons of the Nether has finally been revealed and is currently under development

Thanks to the hard efforts of the said creator Sibogy, gamers will now be able to enjoy the enjoyment that both games provide in a particularly new game called 'Doomed: Demons of the Nether'. The new 'Doom' game that finally comes to the world's most popular sandbox game ever, according to an article by PC Mag, 'Minecraft.'

The aforementioned game is currently still very much a critical work in progress, but it is also said to be an extremely promising piece of work as well. In both of the gameplay videos that were made available coming from the mod's own page on the Planet Minecraft, gamers can spot the desolate hellscape of the planet mars coming all together as well as all of the demons just waiting to be destroyed.

Doomed: Demons of the Nether'  brings non-stop action with "no mods"

The project also brings a really different sort of purpose on top of what people would normally be doing within the existing 'Minecraft'. There is still no need to worry about having to find the right color of the in-game keycard in order to enter the very next area, but the focus should be on totally wiping out and destroying the hordes of enemies all around kind of like "Serious Sam-stye", if the gamer wishes to proceed to yet another demon-filled area.

The game is said to be quite impressive but it should not be called a "mod". According to the known creator Sibogy, this particularly certifiably amazing-looking piece of work is the actual work of the command and resource packs only. It was said that the game is "100% no mods."

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'Doomed: Demons of the Nether' currently at 60% completion

The projected time for 'Doomed: Demons of the Nether' completion is still a while since the project is reportedly around 60% done as of the moment, but is said to be extremely promising and also merits keeping a straight eye looking towards the unforeseeable future.

Fans of both games need not worry since 60% is already quite significant and indicates that the project game won't actually have to take that long before gamers can finally enjoy it. The upcoming game is said to literally be a "blast" and should include some really hardcore gameplay.


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