Content Creator "TheEret" trends number four (4) on Twitter after Twitch stream shows the influencer to wear a strawberry dress that fans loved, leading to the creation of multiple fan-arts adoring the popular games streamer. The content creator's fans stormed social media and talked about the influencer's cross-dressing gimmick, lining up with the country's most prominent news.

Social Media influencer and Twitch game streamer "TheEret," now trends on Twitter with a whopping 36.4 thousand tweets about his recently ended stream that shows the influencer sporting a strawberry sundress. The cross-dressing stream of the influencer made fans wow over his new look that spun off multiple fan-arts that are submitted through Twitter.

#EretDress Trends on Twitter

Twitter fans who witnessed the recently concluded stream immediately went to their drawing boards and created a "fan art" which they posted on Twitter for the influencer and public to see. Twitter fans created the hashtag #EretDress and #EretFanart to gather all the artworks and compile them as one.

Earlier today, Eret (@The_Eret) even bore witness to his soar on Twitter's Top Two trend, posting it on social media and showing the world and his followers. The influencer's followers were celebrating with the content creator's achievement by replying on the thread and telling him that he pulled off the look.

The Twitch streamer's fans were delighted with Eret's achievement that stormed Twitter and even made it to the trending list. Screenshots from his streams were even compiled into GIFs and a montage video to show appreciation to the influencer.

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TheEret: Who is He?

"TheEret" is characterized and famous because of his deep-voice and "chill" persona on his social media streams, but primarily because of his channel's LGBTQ-friendly streams that celebrate the community. The British streamer openly admits that he is "bisexual" which brought a massive audience to his channel that relates to him.

The Twitch influencer is famous for playing professional "Minecraft" that competes on World Championships together with his team called, "Dream Team," teaming up other influencers such as Jameskii, Dream, and GeorgeNotFound.

The content creator's channel currently amassed a total of 313,982 followers in Twitch and 82.6 thousand in YouTube. Eret is also known for playing Kinetic Games' hit horror-mystery game, "Phasmophobia," and InnerSloth's top-grossing mafia-game, "Among Us." The influencer's recent "Just Chatting" revealed his Strawberry Dress look, which is a massive trend on Twitter today.

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