The recent battle between the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and the Intel i9 10900K resulted in AMD taking the crown but Intel has recently disclosed information regarding its upcoming next generation processor that will be called the Rocket Lake or basically Intel's 11th Gen Core.

This new processor family is said to come out to the market in 2021's first quarter and is also expected to be sharing both a socket and motherboard compatibility along with the most current 10th Gen Comet Lake processors.

Upcoming Intel 11th Gen Core Rocket Lake processor will be quite advanced

The upcoming Rocket Lake-S silicon or rather SoC is said to be known as the "Cypress Cove." The said Cypress Cove and the Sunny Cove will be practically identical but the Sunny Cove will work on 10nm while the Cypress Cove will work on 14nm.

Along with the said cores, a particular Tiger Lake graphics architecture popularly known as the Xe-LP is plugged in by backporting from the previous 10nm to the 14nm for the said product. This will also come with a 14nm representation of the said Ice Lake cores as well as the Xe-LP graphics and is going to be well known as the Rocket Lake which is part of the SoC(s) within the 11th Gen Core family.

Features similar to Intel i9-10900K

According to an article by Anandtech, the IPC change is most likely going to be lower due to the node difference. Another benefit of the back-ported Sunny Cove core is that the AVX-512 vector acceleration unit within Cypress Cove will be included. This will allow its library of Deep Learning to boost certain technologies for both the AI and the ML acceleration. This includes the support for the Vector Neural Network Instructions or VNN and will finally bring the AVX-512 over to the desktop platform.

In order to mix everything together, however, the Rocket Lake-S is said to offer only an eight core maximum and the said silicon was tested and rated for a 125 W TDP allowing it to go to a top turbo boost of a whopping 250 W which is what was seen in the Core i9-10900K.

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What we can expect from the Intel 11th generation processor VS. Ryzen 5950X

The PCIe Gen 4.0 within the processor gets up to a 20 lanese. These are most likely to be split well into one x16 made for the graphics and one x4 for the storage located on the motherboards. This also aligns everything with the latest generation of the Intel Z490 motherboards.

Intel has also mentioned that the given memory controller will now be able to support up to the DDR4-3200, however, the said projected performance numbers were previously done with a given DDR-2933 memory.

As for the comparison with Ryzen 9 5950X, there has to be an official test that can compare both of them but it is worth noting that AMD's Ryzen 9 5950X runs on 16 cores 32 threads, according to AMD.

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