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Worksport has recently collaborated with Thermal Technology Services Canada to assess and increase the efficiency of TerraVis and results were beyond expectations These tests were initiated as a result of Worksport's recent public unveiling of TerraVis.

What is TerraVis and how does it works

TerraVis is Worksport's solar powered folding truck bed cover system and billed as the first of its kind in the market. The patented solar panels are built into the folding bed cover, which absorbs the sun's rays. The energy collected is then stored in multiple, high capacity battery banks. The four foldable solar panels are said to produce almost 5,000 watts.

(Photo : Goterravis.com)

TerraVis takes advantage of the practical capabilities of a standard pickup truck, while utilizing the limitless, renewable solar energy. The truck cover/high efficiency solar panels make for a flexible and cost effective power solution for a pickup truck.

"Worksport's preliminary engagement with Thermal Technology is to see if we could increase the efficiency and conductivity," Worksport, CEO Steven Rossi said. He added that power efficiency has increased by 2%, giving the brand a long-term, competitive advantage.

Thermal Technology's Temperature Modulation improves the performance of the different metals in the TerraVis material. This is done by the modification of the structure of the metals-- copper, silver and zinc. These elements become more robust and considerably durable with the modulation.

Growth Outlook

Worksport believes that it is an exceptionally high-growth time for Worksport. Rossi said, "We have a bright outlook and revenue model after forming a partnership with Atlis Motor Vehicles, Mesa, Ariz."

Rossi plans to increase product efficiency and continue to engage Thermal Technology and participate in further research and product development. He said, "Our mandate is to deliver the most advanced product, and this testing and modulation contract is an example of it."

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