The Sales of Apple's popular iPhones have reportedly fallen by 21% in the previous three months right after the company announced the delay of its release of its own latest handsets. This was reported despite the tech giant's own total sales grew with much of the success coming from the record revenues of its powerful Mac Computers.

Apple's reported drop in revenue in comparison to the previous year

The company reported a revenue of $64.7 billion in just three months up to the end of September. This was slightly higher than the previous 64.7 billion revenue that was reported just a year ago. However, for those of the iPhone, the said "most successful product," revenue has dropped all the way from $33.4 billion down to $26.4 billion.

Apple usually starts selling its popular new iPhones during September, according to Telegraph UK, but this 2020's iPhone 12 devices did not quite go on sale until just last week. This is reportedly due to the pandemic slowing down production.

The delay also meant a practically big drop in the China market, since the Apple iPhones are said to make up the majority of its sales within the country. Revenue it got from China has fallen by 29pc.

Apple's sales have been able to survive despite the closure of stores

Apple's own sales have also grown in number despite the economic stress that was caused by the ongoing pandemic. The company became the first ever US company to be able to hit a whopping $2 trillion valuation back in August, according to the reports of Telegraph UK. The sales of its said Mac computers as well as iPads have definitely boosted a number of people working from home as well as streaming videos during the current pandemic despite the company's closure of a significant number of stores.

For the first time, Apple has reportedly fallen below the solid $2 trillion threshold on Thursday as its shares have dropped almost reaching 4pc following the result. This was after the company stated that it would not release a financial forecast for the said next quarter.

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Apple assures that the iPhone sales are still "off to a good start"

Apple's chief executive Tim Cook then stated that this initial reaction to the known iPhone 12, the very first iPhone that will be able to support 5G technology, had still been positive. It was also stated that looking at the initial data around the iPhone 12 and the known iPhone 12 Pro shows that the company is off to a good start.

The sales of both the Mac and the iPad, which have previously taken back seat when compared to the iPhone in the most recent years, were able to grow by 29pc as well as 46pc respectively, to $9 billion and 6.8 billion today. It was said to be an all-time high for the recorded Mac sales just after a refresh of Apple's own MacBook range that is said to replace the controversially known "butterfly" keyboard that has reportedly been prone towards sticking.

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