Apple's latest OS update contains a unique array of different features that have been developed through the course of the iPhone 12's development. In order for older models to jailbreak the iOS 14.2, there are a few possible solutions. The OS, however, is fairly new therefore being a little harder to jailbreak.

The solutions were provided by Zeejb and all of the solutions can be downloaded from there.

Pikzo jailbreak

Pikzo, is a solution for iOS 11 to 14.2 jailbreak. It is a specific type of repo extractor that allows the user to access certain types of apps, types of tweaks, hack games, as well as allow access to other different jailbreak solutions and a few more.

Zeejb App store

The thing about this app store is that it will allow the installation of different iOS apps, themes, games, and even more that are all compatible with Apple's iOS 11 all the way to its iOS 14.2.

Hexxa plus

This repo extractor called hexxa plus is specifically designed for extracting different things from the iOS 14.2. This will allow users to get as many apps from the more recent as possible. This also includes games, themes, and many other features. This can be installed from the Zeejb app store.

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U04S Store

The Uo4S is said to be the very best of the given jailbreak solutions for the latest iOS 14.2 as it mainly provides the ability for the user to install the Uncover jailbreak directly online on users' devices. Unfortunately, this particular tool does not support iOS 14.2 yet.

However, what's really cool about the Uo4S is that users will get the premium app store in order to install the latest apps, tweaks, ebooks, utilities, games, the Mac OS apps, the Apple TV apps, and even a few more.

Checkra1n jailbreak

This particular Checkra1n is a type of semi-tethered jailbreak. The new version of this application allows the users to simply jailbreak iOS 14.2 as well as jailbreak the iPadOS 14.2. This is the only reported solution that is said to directly jailbreak Apple's latest operating system.

This information regarding the Checkra1n jailbreak was confirmed by the very famous Jailbreak developer called @vacation_et recently tweeted about this feature. The picture allegedly showed the iPhone 6s being able to use the iOS 14.2 beta 1 version along with the Cydia package manager.

The picture, however, is in Japanese and is hard to confirm but this is the source cited by Zeejb. So far, this is the only working and closest to the perfect jailbreak iOS 14.2 that has ever been released. As for a more proven version of the jailbreak iOS 14.2, fans will have to wait.

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